Hair Loss

5 major causes of hair loss and homeopathy treatment to prevent it

Hair loss – One of the most nerve-wracking sights. Be it, men or women, both face the problem of hair loss. And losing hair locks in excess affects the person’s self-esteem and confidence. If you have been looking for Hair Fall treatment in Mumbai for a long time but cannot get yourself the effective treatment, then schedule an initial consultation with a homeopathic practitioner to improve your overall hair well-being.

The disruption in the hair cycle should be known to ensure you seek the most effective treatment plan. When you visit the Homeopathic Doctor in Maharashtra, the initial diagnosis is done to know the major root cause of the problem and see what can be next. The given blog will tell you about the major reasons behind hair loss so that the situation gets under control.

5 common reasons behind hair loss

Several reasons make hair health worse. But, some of the known ones who tell there’s a medical link between it and seeking homeopathic treatment will help to make it better:

Reason 1: Iron deficiency

When was the last time you got your iron deficiency checked? Iron is one of the biggest important factors in transporting oxygen to different body organs. If you lack iron, then the common reason is anemia. Moreover, it’s likely to trigger hair loss as the body is not functioning properly. So, the lack of oxygen to the hair follicles will affect hair health.

Reason 2: Less amount of protein in the diet

Does your diet have enough protein? If not, then the cycle of hair growth will get affected. Studies have shown such a state can make your hair get into the resting stage. Moreover, around 91% of vegetarians are diagnosed with protein deficiency. So, make sure to focus on your protein intake.

Reason 3: Excessive smoking or secondhand smoke

Someone who has the habit of smoking or even secondhand smoke has a higher chance of dealing with hair loss. This is because cigarette smoke contains harmful substances that are likely to affect hair health. One of the studies has shown that when you smoke in excess, the rate of DHT increases in the body, which triggers hair loss.

Reason 4: Vitamin D-3 deficiency

Another common reason is vitamin D3 deficiency, which triggers hair loss known by TE (Telogen Effluvium). Although, the hair loss that occurs with it is temporary. But, under this state, the hair gets into the resting phase, and then over time, there’s a factor of seeing an excessive amount of hair loss.

Reason 5: Health issue

If you had a health issue in the past, you are likely to have trouble keeping your hair healthy.

Are you looking for hair fall treatment?

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