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Is Homeopathy Suitable For Hair Regrowth Or Not?

Hair loss is one of the common hair problems faced by people around the globe. It has even made us not comb our hair out of fear of losing some hair strands. And the occurrence of dandruff aggravates the increase in hair fall and damage. These reasons have led many people to try out new techniques and methods of hair care.

Nowadays, people have even turned to homeopathy to find a cure for hair damage. You can see people flocking to the best Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai to find a cure. But that brings up a big question, has homeopathy come up with a prescription for hair fall and damage?
Homeopathy, a cure used for ages, has been proven to have found treatment for almost all the diseases of the world. Fortunately, homeopathy has also found something for your hair care. But you should keep in mind that homeopathy works differently for different people. You must consult the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai. Their expertise and knowledge in this field will help you in planning your hair care routine.
Homeopathy has various medicines for hair loss depending upon the cause of its problem. The best homeopathy doctor will assess your hair damage conditions in detail and find out its root cause. Then you will be prescribed a suitable prescription after their detailed assessment. These prescriptions are divided into two parts based on the grounds of hair fall.


Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that mistakes your hair as a foreign object and attacks it, leading to hair fall. Hence here are the medicines for people suffering from this disease:

1. Fluoricum acidum: made out of hydrofluoric acid, this medicine is considered wonderful for hair loss, especially alopecia.

2. Calcarea Carbonica: also known as Calcarea carb, this medicine is prescribed for patients with hair loss, prematurely gray hair, brittle hair, and drying hair.

3. Vinca Minor: This medicine is prescribed for people battling alopecia and prematurely graying hair.


Baldness is quite common in men. Although it is unheard of in women, they still end up losing a significant amount of hair in their 50s. There are some homeopathic medicines to combat baldness:

1.Silicea: It undergoes rigorous shaking (potentization) to cure baldness. Apart from that, Silicea is also used to combat eczema.

2.Baryta Carbonica: This medicine is used for patients having premature baldness, hair loss, premature graying, and dryness.

3. Lycopodium Cavatum: prepared from potentized club moss, this medicine tackles premature graying and baldness.

4.Psorinum: This medicine is used to combat dandruff. It reduces both dandruff and hair fall at the same time.

5. Mezereum: Made out of common salt through potentization, this medicine is used for post-childbirth hair fall amongst women.

6. Pulsatilla Pratensis: This medicine is also used by women post-childbirth. It is also used by women having trouble digesting fatty food and people having difficulty breathing.

Hence, these are the medicines you can use to deal with hair fall and hair loss. But you should consult the best doctor before using these medicines to ensure you take the proper medication.

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Effective Homeopathic Remedies for a Lice-Free Scalp

Are you tired of dealing with managing those annoying little creatures called lice? Well, worry not! Homeopathy offers effective cures that can assist you with accomplishing a lice-free scalp without resorting to harsh chemicals substances or intrusive medicines. Consider homeopathic doctor in Mumbai for natural and holistic solutions to get rid of lice. In this blog post, we will investigate a few natural and safe homeopathic solutions for tackling head lice pervasions.

Understanding Lice

Head lice are small bugs that thrive on the scalp, causing tingling, inconvenience, and humiliation. They can be effectively communicated through close contact with a contaminated individual or by sharing individual things like combs, caps, or bedding. While lice invasions are normal among kids, adults can likewise succumb to these constant pests.

Homeopathic Remedies for Lice:

1.      Cimex Lectularius: This bed bug-derived treatment is reported to be helpful against head lice. It relieves itching and irritation caused by lice infestations on the scalp. Cimex Lectularius also helps to reduce inflammation and promote scalp health.

2.      Pediculus Capitis: This cure is made from the body louse and is specifically designed to treat head lice. It relieves itching and prevents lice infestations from returning. Pediculus Capitis has also been shown to promote healthy hair growth, resulting in stronger, lice-resistant hair.

3.      Staphysagria: This therapy is useful for people who have severe itching on their scalp as a result of lice bites. Staphysagria soothes the inflamed scalp and inhibits the desire to scratch, preventing further skin damage.

4.      Natrum Muriaticum: If you have a dry, itchy scalp, Natrum Muriaticum can help. It not only relieves itching but also helps to maintain the scalp’s natural moisture balance. A well-moisturized scalp makes it impossible for lice to survive.

5.      Sabadilla: This therapy is advised for people who have extreme itching and tickling sensations on their scalp as a result of lice. Sabadilla relieves these symptoms while also strengthening the hair follicles, making them less prone to lice infestation.

Preventive Measures

In addition to homeopathic therapies, can considerably minimize the likelihood of lice infestations:

1.      Maintain personal hygiene: Wash your hair on a regular basis using a gentle shampoo and conditioner. To prevent the spread of lice, clean combs, brushes, and other hair accessories on a regular basis.

2.      Avoid sharing personal items: Share combs, hats, scarves, or any other personal objects that come into contact with the scalp. This reduces the possibility of lice spread.

3.      Encourage good habits: To prevent the spread of lice, teach your children to avoid head-to-head contact with classmates or friends. Remind them to keep their personal possessions to themselves and to keep their hair tied up or braided.

4.      Regularly inspect and comb: Check for lice on a regular basis, especially if there is a lice outbreak in the community or at your child’s school. Comb through the hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove any lice or nits.


At Dr. Sonal Jain’s homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, we recognize the difficulties that lice infestations cause and offer safe and efficient homeopathic treatments to combat them. With cures like Cimex Lectularius, Pediculus Capitis, Staphysagria, Natrum Muriaticum, and Sabadilla, you can say goodbye to lice and enjoy a lice-free scalp. Our holistic methodology focuses on tending to the root cause for lice invasions while advancing general scalp well-being.

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Common Conditions That Homeopathy Can treat

Homeopathy is considered one of the best and most reliable forms of medicine, and you should be shocked to hear that it has been used for over 200 years. With the help of this treatment method, doctors have treated various health issues, and it uses a “Like Cures Like” principle for treatment.

In this blog, we will look at some of the most common conditions that can be easily treated by homeopathy. This means you won’t have to take several high-chemical medicines that might offer you some side effects after their usage.

Common Conditions That Homeopathy Can treat

Here are some common problems that can be treated with homeopathy:


Homeopathy can effectively treat seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, by using remedies that match the symptoms of the allergy. For example, if someone has an allergy to pollen, a homeopathic remedy made from pollen may be used to treat their symptoms.

Anxiety and Stress: Homeopathy can help reduce anxiety and stress by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms and mental state. For example, a remedy made from the herb passion flower may be used for someone experiencing anxiety with a racing heart.


This medicine system can help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, a remedy made from the herb Rhus Toxicodendron may be used for someone with joint pain that is worse in the morning and improved with movement.


With the help of Homeopathy, you can improve sleep by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, the herb valerian can be used for someone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Headaches and Migraines:

You could relieve headaches and migraines by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, a medication made from the herb Belladonna may be used for someone with a severe headache, throbbing pain, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Digestive Issues:

It can help improve digestive issues, such as acid reflux, bloating, and constipation, by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, a remedy made from the herb Nux vomica may be used for someone who has acid reflux with bloating and constipation.


Homeopathy is considered an effective treatment for a variety of common health problems. Make sure you consult the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai to get rid of health problems quickly. Working with a practitioner ensures that the correct remedy is chosen and used in the proper dosage.

Dr. Sonal’s Healing With Homeopathy is the perfect option if you are also looking for a Homeopathic doctor in Mumbai.

Hair Loss Hair treatment homeopathy

How are hair fall and homeopathy treatment linked to one another?

Hair fall and homeopathy

The problem of hair fall is one of the common conditions that’s faced by individuals of different age groups. There’s a possibility that individuals lose 50 to 100 hair every day; that’s considered normal. But, if you lose more than that, then there’s a problem. If you have started losing hair that leads to baldness and hair fall spots, then you better get medical assistance at the earliest. Just make sure to get the right treatment plan by consulting the best hair loss Specialist In Mumbai.

What are the causes of hair fall?

Excessive hair loss can happen due to multiple reasons. There’s a possibility of losing hair after 3 to 4 months of having an illness or undergoing any surgery. In such a situation, hair loss can happen suddenly, making the situation even worse with time. If you are unsure about what’s the reason for hair loss and it’s getting worse with time, then you should get the supervision of the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to handle the situation effectively. The possible causes of hair fall are mentioned-below and based on the same, the doctor will suggest the appropriate treatment plan:

  • Hormonal problems happen with the thyroid gland. The problem can be underactive or overactive, which leads to hair fall.
  • The intake of birth control pills and antidepressants can even create problems with hair health. If you start taking certain medication and notice hair fall, then you better get the doctor’s assistance right away & stop the medication.
  • The most common reason behind baldness is male pattern baldness. There’s a possibility you have inherited the hair loss problem. In some cases, hair loss can occur at an early age.
  • Another common hair loss pattern is alopecia areata, which means losing hair in patches. If you have any confusion in your mind, then make sure to get in touch with a homeopathic doctor.

As per the homeopathic doctor, you need to make your lifestyle habits all right and avoid the use of excessive junk food.

Please Note!

The homeopathic doctor will check your overall health and accordingly tell you what choice of treatment you need to follow.

Homeopathic tips to take care of your hair

Some of the homeopathic tips to take care of your hair health are:

  • For the overall health of your hair, you need to keep yourself healthy from the inside out.
  • Keep your diet plan healthy for hair well-being.
  • Keep your diet plan balanced so that the body gets the mineral, vitamins, and other nutrients. So, make your hair shiny and strong with the right care.
  • Never comb your hair too aggressively.
  • You should never comb your hair when it’s too wet


Hair Loss Hair treatment

Are Homeopathic Medications The Perfect Solution To Treat Hair Fall?

There are many reasons why people tend to lose a lot of hair. Some common factors include hormonal imbalance, stress, or even genetics, which can lead to extreme hair loss in an individual. But with the help of a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai, you will be able to get rid of such issues without any complications.

Read more to learn!

Natural Substance Over Chemical

There are many people who are tired of trying out chemically infused products in their hair resulting in more hair loss. They want an alternative option that is more natural and organic which would work wonders for the hair. It will also help them to improve the curtail hair and even partially regrow the lost hair in some sections.

This is why we have seen a massive surplus of homeopathic medications for Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai in recent times. It is one of the most hyped treatments available that provide the right therapy without any side effects.

Can You Stop Hair Loss Naturally?

According to the Homeopathic Doctor in Maharashtra, with the assistance of natural means, you will be able to reduce the risk of hair loss. Apart from that, we also know that diet plays a vital role in the overall health of the human body. Including raw vegetables and fresh herbs in your diet might help you a great deal to overcome the issue of hair loss within no time. It will also make your immunity stronger than ever before. For male or female pattern baldness, a change in the diet for the betterment will definitely help you a lot. You can also add protein and vitamin A to your diet for better results.

Another tactic you can adopt in your day-to-day life is Yoga, as it helps reduce the risk of stress-related hair fall. If you massage your scalp once a week, you will notice a drastic change in your scalp. They would be significantly more healthy as it will increase the blood flow to the area.

Which Homeopathic Medicine That Works For Hair Fall?

People now use different types of multiple natural supplements to strengthen the hair and promote regrowth. Some of the most common multiple natural supplements include fish oil supplements, especially those that have omega-three fatty acids, as they are famous for enhancing hair density due to the richness that we find in those oils. Other factors that fish oil contains are protein and antioxidants.

Another supplement that you can use for hair regrowth is aloe vera. It is a famous item that promotes scalp health while unclogging hair follicles.

The excess oil blocks the hair follicles, which prevents the promotion of hair regrowth. Many people also swear by the Ginseng supplements to help promote the stimulation of hair follicles.

For All Intents And Purposes

Contact Dr. Sonal Jain and get your homeopathic medication now for better hair growth.

Hair Loss Hair treatment homeopathy

Enlist the 6 superfood which is effective for strong and healthy hair

Healthy hair with a healthy diet

Almost everyone looks for a diet that benefits hair health. Indeed! The option you add to your plate should be nutritious enough that the hair locks get the right amount of nutrients. Additionally, the right kind of food makes scalp and hair health much better than it should be. No doubt, if you have excess hair loss, you must get the Hair Loss Treatment in Maharashtra on time and make everything much more manageable. The expertise of the homeopathic doctor is known to improve hair health and make hair loss much more manageable.

Superfood for healthy and strong hair

When you consult the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai, you must follow all necessary suggestions given by the doctor and even have the given food options added to your daily diet. Now, let’s understand which food options you should add to your daily food regime:

Option 1: Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most loved dairy products that benefit overall health. It contains proteins that are known to control hair fall. Additionally, it has the right amount of Vitamin B5, which helps in hair breakage and thinning. As per your liking, you can have yogurt.

Option 2: Fatty fish

Fatty fish are effective options for trout, salmon, and mackerel with the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids and iron. All these nutrients play a vital role in hair loss and give necessary moisture. If you don’t eat non-veg, you should add walnuts and pumpkin seeds to your diet. If the problem does not get under control then visit the top-rated Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai.

Option 3: Spinach

Spinach is one of the essential food options from the family of green vegetables. The spinach offers the hair goodness of Vitamin A, iron, and beta-carotene. Moreover, spinach accelerates the blood cell count. If you don’t eat non-veg, try to include spinach in your daily diet at least 1 or 2 times a week to counter hair loss.

Option 4: Eggs

Eggs are fruitful for hair health. The egg yolk is filled with the goodness of sulfur that boosts the health of hair follicles. So, to protect your hair against breakage and hair thinning, you should have eggs.

Option 5: Carrots

Carrots are a great choice because they contain antioxidants, beta-carotene, and Vitamin A. The combination boosts blood circulation to the scalp. If you dislike eating raw carrots, you should have fresh carrot juice.

Option 6: Almonds

Almonds are filled with the goodness of Vitamin A, D, E, B2, and B6. Moreover, it has mono fatty acids and magnesium that work wonders for hair health. To control your hair loss, make sure to have it in the right amount and empty stomach. Doing so lets your skin, nails, and hair be all healthy.

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Which are the best hair loss treatment options in homeopathy?

Hair is one of the best parts as it does show the person’s confidence. If the hair is lost then it can be extremely devastating in terms of the results. Many people often think hair loss can leave a serious toll on a person’s mental health. Hair loss can occur due to different reasons like over hairstyling, stress hormones, and dietary changes.

Most importantly, there is a receding hairline that is easily noticed in individuals. No doubt, losing hair can be extremely devastating, and making sure it is controlled in all ways is essential. If that is not done then there are chances the mental health is impacted adversely in which no one would have thought about. In the case of men, the issue of male pattern baldness is noticed & in women, the hair partition tends to get broad with time. Hair loss treatment is something that needs attention and that too from the experts.

Right and effective hair loss treatment plan

Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai is something that is effective and its results even last for a long time. The medications which the patient is given will be prescribed after understanding what’s the reason behind the issue & making sure that treatment is given which leads to hair growth. Moreover, the treatment will work by reducing the hair density or severity of the condition.

Which are the homeopathic medications for hair loss?

Some of the best known homeopathic medications for Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai

are mentioned below:

  • Thuja occidentalis

When the hair has become dry, scaly, and white then this works the best. It is effective for hair thinning and dryness. Its effectiveness has been shown to result in hair growth and makes it lustrous.

  • Natrum Muriaticum

This is best when hair loss is triggered following childbirth. Some hair loss is noticed in the front part of the scalp & sometimes the reason is anemia.

  • Lycopodium

The best option for hair loss following childbirth, ovarian dysfunction, and menopause. Hair loss triggers from the vertex and then it goes to the temples in which grey hair can trigger.

  • Fluoric acid

Best suited option for hair loss and it can trigger the problem of alopecia areata. Additionally, hair regrowth is possible with it. If the hair has started to become dry, get tangled & break easily then this works the best.

Important Note!

The medications or options suggested in this article are just for reference purposes. Till the time you don’t consult the doctor make sure to not take them on your own. Only after consulting the doctor is it best to take any sort of medication as every individual is different from one another. So, better do all things under the doctor’s guidance.

Schedule initial consultation

It’s better to get yourself medical assistance at the earliest and get the necessary treatment continued only by consulting the doctor. This way the entire situation will work in your favor and you will be given the treatment which is best to address your hair loss most effectively and safely.