Chakra Healing Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Chakra Healing – Healing The Body Through The Body’s Seven Chakras

Chakra Healing Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra, At our Homeopathy clinic, Dr. Sonal Jain has benefited many patients with the chakra healing practise.

Through the Chakra Healing, the body is aligned through meditative practice and by combining the fluid which contains different assortments of oil blends and healing crystals.The chakra healing benefits you in different ways which are:

  • Through the chakra healing the emotionally blocked energy is released even the negative thoughts.
  • Helps to provide corrective affirmations for the chakras not working.
  • Helps to increase your self-confidence and your self-will gets boosted.
  • Helps to make you feel comfortable about yourself.
  • Give you that ease state which your body needs.
  • Makes you understand the importance of self-healing and self-awareness.