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Common Conditions That Homeopathy Can treat

Homeopathy is considered one of the best and most reliable forms of medicine, and you should be shocked to hear that it has been used for over 200 years. With the help of this treatment method, doctors have treated various health issues, and it uses a “Like Cures Like” principle for treatment.

In this blog, we will look at some of the most common conditions that can be easily treated by homeopathy. This means you won’t have to take several high-chemical medicines that might offer you some side effects after their usage.

Common Conditions That Homeopathy Can treat

Here are some common problems that can be treated with homeopathy:


Homeopathy can effectively treat seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, by using remedies that match the symptoms of the allergy. For example, if someone has an allergy to pollen, a homeopathic remedy made from pollen may be used to treat their symptoms.

Anxiety and Stress: Homeopathy can help reduce anxiety and stress by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms and mental state. For example, a remedy made from the herb passion flower may be used for someone experiencing anxiety with a racing heart.


This medicine system can help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, a remedy made from the herb Rhus Toxicodendron may be used for someone with joint pain that is worse in the morning and improved with movement.


With the help of Homeopathy, you can improve sleep by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, the herb valerian can be used for someone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Headaches and Migraines:

You could relieve headaches and migraines by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, a medication made from the herb Belladonna may be used for someone with a severe headache, throbbing pain, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Digestive Issues:

It can help improve digestive issues, such as acid reflux, bloating, and constipation, by using remedies that match the person’s specific symptoms. For example, a remedy made from the herb Nux vomica may be used for someone who has acid reflux with bloating and constipation.


Homeopathy is considered an effective treatment for a variety of common health problems. Make sure you consult the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai to get rid of health problems quickly. Working with a practitioner ensures that the correct remedy is chosen and used in the proper dosage.

Dr. Sonal’s Healing With Homeopathy is the perfect option if you are also looking for a Homeopathic doctor in Mumbai.


Is homeopathy a permanent solution for physical and psychological problems?

In today’s world, most people depend on homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is the most effective and natural procedure. Contact a well-known Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai for effective treatment of your health problems.

Homeopathy is not similar like other treatments. In homeopathy natural ingredients used. Get in touch with the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to solve your health problems completely.

Homeopathic treatment is more effective than the other treatments because in homeopathy natural medicines used that allow the body to recover itself.

Homeopathy to cure a variety of health problems such as

  • A physical condition such as asthma

  • A psychological condition such as depression

Types of homeopathy

  • Classical homeopath

  • Complex homeopathy

  • Homotoxicology

Classical homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is a medical practice. In classical homeopathy, one substance treats a person’s symptoms. Classical homeopathy is generally based on the “like cure like” principle.

Classical homeopathy based on such principles

  • Potentization

  • Totality

  • Individuality

  • Minimal dose

Complex homeopathy

Complex homeopathy is basically a mixture of different remedies taken in combination. Complex homeopathy is also known as poly-crest remedies which means the practice of medicines using various substances.

Forms of complex homeopathy

  • Tablets

  • Injectables

  • Drop dosages


Homotoxicology is simply a therapy that uses diluted remedies with the aim of eliminating toxins from the body. Homotoxicology is basically the study of toxins.

Some important phases of homotoxicology

  • Deposition

  • Impregnation

  • Degeneration

  • Dedifferentiation

Does homeopathy work instantly?

Within 7 to 10 days after taking medicines the action of it becomes visible. Those patients who display emotions in their daily life are likely to come back very fast to homeopathic medicines. Or in other cases, homeopathic treatment takes some time to display results.

Does homeopathy have complexity?

Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted and also safe. In homeopathy natural medicines used that help the body to heal by itself. Homeopathy is a belief that the body can recover itself. Who practice it use tiny amounts of natural ingredients. They believe that this stimulates the healing process.

Some advantages of homeopathy.

  • Homeopathy cures

  • Homeopathy for a better lifestyle

  • Homeoparthy is safe

  • Homeopathy medicines are easily available

What is special about homeoapthy?

In homeopathy natural substances are used that are diluted multiple times in water until no original substance is left. Homeopathy helps to cure a wide range of health conditions which include, physical conditions as well as psychological conditions. Homeopathy medicines safe and do not cause any side effects. The best thing about homeopathy is each person treated as a unique individual. Homeopathy is safe because homeopathic medicines made of tiny amounts of active ingredients.

Is allopathy better than homeopathy?

Allopathy helps to target specific parts of the body that are affected. There are always chances of infections and side effects in allopathy. On the other hand, homeopathy is a risk-free process and does not cause any side effects and it does not affect other body parts. If you are looking for the finest solution to your health problems, you can feel free to visit Dr sonal’s Homeopathic Clinic.


What are the risk factors and possible homeopathic treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver?

 Well, fatty liver problems are pretty common in overweight people, and a healthy liver is always fat-free. And due to bad eating habits, almost every fourth or fifth person is suffering from these issues. And if you are also suffering from this problem, then you can visit Dr. Sonal Jain Healthing with homeopathy, it is a popular homeopathic clinic in Mumbai.

Moreover, these issues do not harm in the starting phase, but if someone keeps on neglecting these issues, then chances are high that they will face further complications. So do not be late and contact Dr. Sonal Jain to get the perfect treatment. She is the best homeopathic doctor in Mumbai.

These are some risks and treatments associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver

  • Risks factors

If you are an overweight person or suffering from obesity, type two diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, or anyone out of them, then chances are maximum that you will face non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. And this disease is very much similar to alcohol-related liver diseases, but it is not caused by the consumption of alcohol. And the best way to recognize this disease is a blood test.

However, you will not face any severe complications if you will get treatment at the very beginning. But neglecting this issue can cost you. It can cause digestive issues, which can spoil your whole health.

  • Effective homeopathic treatment

According to homeopathy, the beginning of treatment of this issue begins with adopting a healthy lifestyle, as you can start consuming a healthy and balanced diet that contains an adequate amount of all essential vitamins and minerals. Exercising is also a pretty effective way to mitigate liver fat and try to work out daily for more than two hours. Smoking is also dangerous for the fatty liver so consider avoiding it completely.

  • Medication

There is no such medicine that can treat non-alcoholic fatty liver completely, but there are some which can control or mitigate associated issues with this condition.

  • Chelidonium

This homeopathic medicine is used to mitigate abnormal pain due to a fatty liver. In such cases, constipation and vomiting are common problems, and sometimes extreme weakness is also felt by the patient. The desire to drink or eat hot food and drinks is pretty common in these situations.

  • Phosphorus

This medicine is a perfect solution for fatty acids, which can cause severe pain in the liver. Weakness is also a common problem in these cases.

Make sure to get a consultation from an expert, and do not take any medicine without the instructions of a health expert. Otherwise, you can face some serious issues because doctors first examine your condition properly and then suggest medicines.

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How long does homeopathic medicine need to show results?

Homeopathic medicine: How much time does it need?

Healthcare needs are different for everyone. Considering everybody feels different, and their healthcare needs vary a lot, it’s essential to plan the entire treatment in a said manner. The main motive is to ensure everything works wonderfully and the necessary results are shown well on time. One of the most effective and approachable ways to address health issues is through a homeopathic approach. But, for many individuals, the major concern when they visit the top-rated Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai is regarding, ‘How long does homeopathic medication take?’ No doubt it’s effective, safe, and non-toxic, but it works at its own pace.

What are the factors that determine the time homeopathic medicine takes to work?

Well, there’s a list of different factors that tells about the total time that the homeopathic medicine takes to work.

Factor 1: Vitality can shift the dynamics

When you’re younger, the body responds to addressing the concern quickly. Not just age, but when you live your life actively, it does bring a lot of difference to your healthcare needs. When your vitality is right, it helps the body to properly address the symptoms and create the right balance to help address the problem effectively. So, depending on your age and how active you are, the homeopathic treatment shows the desired results. If you have any concerns about the treatment plan, then you need to seek assistance from one of the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai.

Factor 2: Your way of living the life

The way you live your daily life does leave a greater impact on your overall health. Like when a patient shows emotions and ensures to follow the prescription right from the start is known to show results. Additionally, the factor of emotional and social life does have a huge role to play. So be it chronic or severe health concerns, homeopathic treatment can work wonders in different situations.

Factor 3: Type of problem and its severity

Just think this, there’s a possibility that a common skin condition can turn out to be problematic with time which starts to show more problematic results. On the other hand, even with homeopathic treatment, cancer can begin to shrink, and you will get yourself on the appropriate path of recovery. So, it does depend on the type and severity of the condition and how long it needs to show the results.

Factor 4: Combination of interfering factors creates a problem

There’s a huge possibility that the way you live your daily life, how much stress you have, your diet plan, exercise regime, and many other factors can contribute a lot towards creating problems with the way homeopathic treatment responds.

Final word

No doubt, homeopathic treatment is effective and safe, and it does help to show the difference. Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sonal Jain, one of the known homeopathic practitioners. Don’t hesitate to discuss all the concerns that you have.

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How does the homeopathic treatment work effectively against health concerns?

How does homeopathy treatment work on the body?

It’s time that we stop sleeping on the fact that homeopathy treatment does not work effectively against health concerns. The demand for natural and non-toxic approaches has seen huge attention. And that’s the reason individuals prefer to visit the best Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai to get solutions for their health concerns. Even for the flu to the severe health condition, homeopathic medications work wonderfully to reduce the symptoms. No doubt, you need to give time to homeopathic medication to work effectively.

Homeopathic treatment gives a cure by fighting the body’s mechanism

Since 1796, the homeopathic system of medicine has been working wonderfully to improve the overall state of the body. Homeopathy follows the approach of ‘Like Cures Like.’ Therefore, the impact of homeopathy is effective in fighting against the overall mechanism and ensuring the symptoms are addressed effectively. Therefore, taking the medication with the assistance of a Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai will give you the utmost relief and effective care.

How does homeopathy work on the body?

No doubt, it’s difficult to summarize in a few words how the homeopathic system is effective in health situations. One thing is certain the other forms of health care systems can leave certain side-effects and adverse impacts on the body. Therefore, the approach of homeopathy is one of the most reliable as there are no side-effects or harmful effects. To tell you about the working of homeopathic medicines, here’s what you need to know:

  • Intake of medications under the doctor’s supervision provides effective results. As you begin to take the same, it reaches the brain through the nose and even surpasses the BBB (Blood-brain-barrier). The BBB is accountable for preventing foreign particles from entering the brain, and it works effectively against the same, offering the right protection. Additionally, the diluted form of homeopathic medicines is effective.
  • Homeopathic medications are small white pills (globules) that should be taken until it dissolves in the mouth.

Please Note!

To see the effective results of homeopathic medications, it’s important to take the same as suggested by your homeopathic practitioner. Our doctor always aims to tell the patients how much they should take and at what time. Taking the precise amount at the appropriate time shows the results.

Know the trick to taking homeopathic medicine

The most important and crucial factor is to take homeopathic medicines at least 30 minutes before or after the food intake. When you do so, it ensures that the homeopathic medications are not impacted by the aroma of food.

Homeopathy is even effective after or during cancer treatment

When you take homeopathic medications, it gives signals to the brain to respond and help it get back to normal. So, it’s like seeing the desired impact on overall well-being. Additionally, patients undergoing cancer treatment can also take homeopathic medications to see effective results.


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5 Important suggestion to look for a homeopathic doctor for your health

Find the best homeopathic doctor

The Healthcare system has advanced with new and inventive methods. With the doctor’s assistance, getting access to the right treatment is much easier to ease the entire process. Make sure that you find the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai who can effectively guide you about the treatment that suits your overall well-being. The doctor will tell you about the disease and how to care for yourself. To look for a homeopathic doctor, there are a few important tips that you should carefully consider.

5 tips to look for a homeopathic doctor

Tip 1: Check the overall years of experience
You must check the doctor’s years of experience. It’s best to visit the Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai that provides medical assistance for the specific health condition that you have. Depending on your problem, ask the doctor whether they can assist for the same or not. This will help you choose an experienced and skilled doctor to improve your overall well-being.

Tip 2: Needs to get proper training
The homeopathic doctor you have chosen must got proper training and education. Their qualification and understanding of the procedure play an essential role. During the initial consultation, you should ask the doctor about the same. The experienced and skilled doctors will readily share their skills and experience.

Tip 3: Understanding of advanced homeopathic treatment
The availability of advanced homeopathic approaches has made a lot of difference in the healthcare sector. So, make sure that you check whether the doctor understands the advanced homeopathic treatment while choosing the doctor. This way, managing everything and achieving the necessary care is much easier.

Tip 4: Provide one-on-one session for an initial consultation
The homeopathic doctor you select must provide you with the option to have an initial face-to-face consultation. This approach makes everything much easier to manage and handle. Additionally, this will help you get clarification on your condition and clear all the necessary doubts or concerns that are going on in your mind.
If the doctor does not prefer the initial consultation and asks you to get the treatment right away, then consider it a warning signal and look for another homeopathic doctor.

Tip 5: Check the reviews or testimonials
Most importantly, you should check the reviews or testimonials to better understand the homeopathic doctor’s treatment approach. You can check the reviews on the doctor’s website or through search engines. If there’s any review that seems to be against the doctor or all of them are more towards the negative side, then it’s better that you don’t choose him.


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Why are homeopathic remedies considered the best choice against surgeries?

Define homeopathy

There is no doubt that homeopathy is also a natural form of medication that helps people to protect themselves from different types of body ailments, whether internal or external. It is based on the protocol of like with like. It stimulates the human body towards self-healing. In other words, it is a holistic system that promotes your overall well-being by strengthening your immune system. Although homeopathic remedies are prepared with the help of highly diluted substances, these are safe for the human body. Before launch, homeopathic remedies are tested on the dummy animals. It will launch into the market if it shows accurate and positive results. If you are still confused about the homeopathic cure, meet experienced homeopathic doctors at the top-rated Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai.

In which way does homeopathy cure your problem?

Homeopathy believes in correcting an infected person by considering hereditary, personality, and lifestyle factors and the history of your ailment. Since all patients’ bodies react differently towards every health issue, homeopathic medicines are prescribed per individuals’ treatment requirements. The main reason for health issues is bad eating habits. In addition, you can also take dietary supplements to manage your overall health conditions.

Nowadays, the masses love to consume fatty and fast food with a lot of oil that takes too much time to digest and store excessive fat in their body, which often leads to health and digestive system issues. So, you can also treat these health problems under the supervision of a Diet and Nutrition CounsellingSpecialist In Mumbai who will confer you the right advice about your diet habits to stay fit and healthy.

Do you know?

You can eradicate the need for Surgery with homeopathy. I think everybody in this world wants to stay away from surgical treatment as much as possible. We cannot refute how advanced medical technology is, but still, any surgical procedure has a 0.1 percent life-threatening risk. Even many masses do not like to listen to the word surgery. It creates terror in their mind.

How effective are homeopathic remedies to avoid Surgery?

You may notice that when allopathic treatments cannot treat your health issue orally (with medications or injections), they suggest surgical procedures. This puts people into a dilemma for two reasons, fear and second for money. There is a list of cases, such as kidney stones, nasal polyps, cysts, fibroids, ganglions, fissures, varicose veins, tonsillitis, warts, corns, boils, lipomas, piles, etcetera, for which your doctor recommends an operation.

In this situation, the oral intake of homeopathic medicines comes in front. There may be several cases when homeopathic medications cure patients without having any surgery. To illustrate, homeopathic medicines for piles. Homeopathic remedies are also very effective against breast tumors when it rectifies in their early stage. However, homeopathy isn’t entirely against surgical procedures, but there may be certain cases when an ailment cannot correct without a surgical cure. Surgery is the last option to take into action when all oral treatments fail, whether Ayurveda, allopathy, or homeopathy.


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How are hair fall and homeopathy treatment linked to one another?

Hair fall and homeopathy

The problem of hair fall is one of the common conditions that’s faced by individuals of different age groups. There’s a possibility that individuals lose 50 to 100 hair every day; that’s considered normal. But, if you lose more than that, then there’s a problem. If you have started losing hair that leads to baldness and hair fall spots, then you better get medical assistance at the earliest. Just make sure to get the right treatment plan by consulting the best hair loss Specialist In Mumbai.

What are the causes of hair fall?

Excessive hair loss can happen due to multiple reasons. There’s a possibility of losing hair after 3 to 4 months of having an illness or undergoing any surgery. In such a situation, hair loss can happen suddenly, making the situation even worse with time. If you are unsure about what’s the reason for hair loss and it’s getting worse with time, then you should get the supervision of the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to handle the situation effectively. The possible causes of hair fall are mentioned-below and based on the same, the doctor will suggest the appropriate treatment plan:

  • Hormonal problems happen with the thyroid gland. The problem can be underactive or overactive, which leads to hair fall.
  • The intake of birth control pills and antidepressants can even create problems with hair health. If you start taking certain medication and notice hair fall, then you better get the doctor’s assistance right away & stop the medication.
  • The most common reason behind baldness is male pattern baldness. There’s a possibility you have inherited the hair loss problem. In some cases, hair loss can occur at an early age.
  • Another common hair loss pattern is alopecia areata, which means losing hair in patches. If you have any confusion in your mind, then make sure to get in touch with a homeopathic doctor.

As per the homeopathic doctor, you need to make your lifestyle habits all right and avoid the use of excessive junk food.

Please Note!

The homeopathic doctor will check your overall health and accordingly tell you what choice of treatment you need to follow.

Homeopathic tips to take care of your hair

Some of the homeopathic tips to take care of your hair health are:

  • For the overall health of your hair, you need to keep yourself healthy from the inside out.
  • Keep your diet plan healthy for hair well-being.
  • Keep your diet plan balanced so that the body gets the mineral, vitamins, and other nutrients. So, make your hair shiny and strong with the right care.
  • Never comb your hair too aggressively.
  • You should never comb your hair when it’s too wet


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Learn How To Take Homeopathic Medicine: A Book Of Instruction!

Homeopathy is a famous alternative medication that helps you treat your acute and chronic diseases. It is an age-old practice that believes in its holistic philosophy, “Like Cures Like.” It is an ideology that relies on treating the cause of the diseases from the thing that causes the symptoms. This is the reason why it is also risk-free and does not cause any complicated reactions in the body. Treating the health condition with efficiency.

Visit our Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai, and gather more information!

If you are still confused about whether or not homeopathy is worth it, read the reasons our experts have created that state the benefits of Homeopathy and herbal dietary supplements.

Benefits Of Homeopathy

These are some common benefits of homeopathy and why it is much more efficient than other conventional medicines.

  • Homeopathy is a safe treatment.

Did you know that homeopaths make medicines from tiny amounts of proven healing substances from plants, animals, and minerals? The Diet and Nutrition Counseling Specialist In Mumbai give very minute doses that are typically non-toxic and safe. It is unlike antibiotics and other medicines that will damper digestion, lower your immune system, and produce allergic reactions. Besides, it is safe in the long run if you take the medication as per the doctor’s directions and instructions.

  • Homeopathy is fast acting and effective.

With the help of homeopathy, you will be able to restore optimal health as it is fast acting medicine. Homeopathy is perfect for both acute and chronic health conditions.

  • Homeopathy is both natural and scientific medicine.

Homeopathy is primarily based on nature’s principles of cure, “Like Cures Like.” It is a law of similarity! Homeopathy has a long-standing healing tradition, and hence it has gained the tag of being the most popular holistic therapy around the world.

  • Homeopathy is good for building resistance.

With the help of homeopathy, you will be able to address the diseases from their root cause. Hence it will be able to enhance resistance to any kind of disease.

  • Homeopathy is suitable for all life stages.

Homeopathy treatment is safe for everyone, no matter at which stage of life you are. There is no risk of toxicity associated with homeopathy. It is an ideal solution for all life stages, including lactating and pregnant women.

How To Take Homeopathic Medicines?

  • You should not touch the medicines.

Try to avoid touching the medicines at any cost. Do not touch them in your hand while consuming them. Always take it by using a cap or a bottle, or even plain paper.

  • Follow the half-hour rule.

Do not drink or eat for at least half an hour before and after taking medicines. We strongly reprimand you to avoid drinking water.

  • Leave your Addictions

Do not chew tobacco, smoke, or drink alcohol while in homeopathic treatment. It reduces the power of homeopathic medicines. If you find it hard to follow this rule, you can follow the half-hour rule.

Final Comments

Get in touch with Dr. Sonal Jain and book your appointment right away for an initial consultation.

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Learn How To Identify The Best Homeopathic Doctor For Better Wellbeing

People trust homeopathy more and more as they acknowledge the advantages of undergoing homeopathy treatment for any acute or chronic health conditions. One other thing that attracts most people towards homeopathy is the immunity booster or serving other skills to the patients.

However, to achieve a successful result, it is necessary for you to find the best Diet and Nutrition Counseling Specialist In Mumbai.


In this blog, we will share some essential skills that you should search for in homeopathic doctors to get the most holistic treatment possible.

Skills That A Homeopathic Doctor Must Possess

This is a list of points that a doctor must have in them to perform the best treatment. So do not compromise and find the best doctor possible for your healthcare. Our doctors will also prescribe dietary supplements for better health.

  • They must be empathetic.

With empathy, your doctor would be able to understand the feelings and conditions rather than just sympathize with them. According to many experts, empathy is the first thing your doctor in a Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai must possess. This trait will help you get the best experience and care. Try to find an experienced doctor who has been in the business for quite so long in the field. They will understand that you are not the first one suffering from this condition, and you will definitely not be the last. This keeps them motivated and stays consistent with your treatment.

  • They must have exceptional listening skills.

You should find a homeopathic doctor who listens to their patients intently so they can provide the best care as they fully comprehend their conditions. Apart from that, they are also very good at asking just the right type of questions and also paying attention to the answers. When describing your health conditions, it is evident that you would want your homeopathic doctor to listen carefully because these symptoms define the proper treatment.

  • They must love their job.

Another point that the homeopathic doctor must have is respect and love for their job. It is a factor that might not be easy for you to judge in the first meeting. But in time, you will get to know. A doctor who is in love with their job would be knowledgeable and passionate enough to learn new things in order to treat your health conditions. They should be firmly rooted in their homeopathic methodologies and philosophy to offer ideal medical care.

  • They should be open-minded.

Remember that homeopathy is not the same as any other conventional medicine. Hence, it is necessary for homeopaths to keep an open mind about the conditions and ideas that they have not encountered before. Besides that, they should also be open to new learnings and give unbiased medication and treatment for better well-being.

Many people often believe they would be able to self-evaluate homeopathic treatment, but it is not valid. It is neither effective nor safe to do so. You require proper skill to perform the whole diagnosis and treatment. This is the reason why you must visit a homeopathic doctor.