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    Natural Healing With Best Homeopathy Practitioner

    Dr. Sonal Jain BHMS, MD(Hom)
    Certified In Diet and Nutrition (CFN)
    Certified in Weight Management
    Certified Graphologist / Graphotherapist

    +18 Years of Experience

    Homeopathy Provides Impeccable Consciousness For Good Health

    Dr. Sonal Jain (M.D. Homoeopathy), Director of Dr. Sonal's Homoeopathic Clinic is having 18 yr+ work experience treating all types of acute and chronic ailments with the 'Sweet magical pills' she always quotes. She specializes in Hair Care, Weight Management, Allergy Disorders - Rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria, Women and Child Care, Back and Joint Care, Skincare, and lifestyle disorders like Diabetes and Thyroid disorders, and more. She believes in enhancing the immunity of a person and thus free him/her from 80% of the diseases.

    She has helped 4000 plus patients guiding them to lead a disease-free life with homeopathy following this approach in a systematic manner. Mind is the root cause of all diseases, and she effectively works on mind level through her Counseling sessions, Reiki Healing & Graphotherapy, Chakra Healing, and Drawing analysis.

    She is a Health Enthusiast and believes 'A fit body is a gateway to good health'. She is certified in weight management and nutrition. She is passionate about physical fitness, nutrition, exercise, and its impact on the mind and body.

    She advocates lifestyle modifications to her patients that help them not only achieve their fitness but also maintain it. She has successfully coached more than 400 patients to achieve their weight loss goals with Homoeopathy and lifestyle modifications.

    Our Services

    Homeopathy Is Natural and Progressive Way to Restore Health
    Hair Care

    Hair Care

    Great health is the ultimate choice and with homeopathy you can take care of your hair health like never imagined before. All through natural means save your hair locks.

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    Skin Care

    Skin Care

    Are you dealing with any sort of skin care issue? No worries - Dr. Sonal Jain homeopathy treatment is there to do wonders to make your skin fresh and supple.

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    Changing weather can make your allergies severe. Choosing the right care at the right time is important for your health. Homeopathy treatment has everything you need.

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    Male Infertility

    Male Infertility

    Changing weather can make your allergies severe. Choosing the right care at the right time can take better control of your health. Homeopathy treatment has everything you need

    Read more
    Back and Joint Care

    Back and Joint Care

    Heal yourself naturally and get the best of back & joint care with homeopathy. Our homeopath doctor's guidance and necessary lifestyle modifications will make you feel better.

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    Respiratory Diseases

    Respiratory Diseases

    Respiratory diseases include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, lung cancer, & much more. Let our homeopathy doctor help you.

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    Diet and Nutrition Counseling

    Diet and Nutrition Counseling

    The most important part of our overall well-being is following a healthy diet. Dr. Sonal Nutrition guidance will do wonders for your health as it is based on an integrated approach.

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    Piles (Hemorrhoids) is a health condition in which the anus or lower rectum gets swollen. It is divided into two parts: Internal and external. Homeopathy provides effective treatment for the same.

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    Why Choose Us

    Don’t Take Your Health For Granted

    Homeopathy Treats All Types Of Acute & Chronic Ailments To Make You Feel Well-Nurtured. Get The Treatment Which Leads To Disease-Free Life & Transformation Of Good Health At A Holistic Level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Health Is The First Step To Prosperity, UnderStand It Better
    For a long time, people have been searching for the best health care practices which help the person in a way that no one ever thought of. Most importantly, free from all the chemicals or harmful substances. With our homeopathy doctor, you will get the best of care whether the condition is acute or severe.
    Homeopathy treatment works by checking the root cause of the condition. Understand that any problem affects the body's immunity as a whole so accordingly the necessary measures have to be taken. With Homeopathy treatment the body’s natural ability to heal will get better.
    No matter which homeopathic medicine you talk about, these are made with animal, plant, & mineral substances to stimulate the body’s natural working. Moreover, proper guidelines are followed to create them which is the reason they are free from any kind of side effects.
    No matter what health issue you are experiencing, the doctor will do an in-depth checkup. So, make sure that you expect that it might take 30 minutes, 1 hour, or more. Our doctor will check all symptoms you have along with your mental & emotional state. Only after knowing the exact reason for your situation, your treatment plan is given to you.

    Excelling In Care

    Get the Health Checkups And Recovery Like Never Seen Before for You and your family. Take Care Of Your Health By Our Doctor-Driven Wellness & Care Management.

    Years of Experience


    Reiki Healing


    Better Health


    Happy Patients


    Results of Homopathy

    Noticeable Results = We Don’t Take Health For Granted


    Passion For Caring. Power To Heal
    Shravani KesarkarShravani Kesarkar
    13:39 06 Sep 22
    My 1 yr old child was suffering from constipation. Showed him to 2-3 paediatrician but no relief. Would get motions only after taking Duphalac suppository. Then I started Homoeopthy from Dr Sonal. In 15 days I found relief . He started getting motions without suppository. Now it's been 2 months qnd my son is doing good.
    mech arena gamermech arena gamer
    06:27 05 Sep 22
    I was suffering from gas and acidity . And allergic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis... constant sneezing in the morning. I took Dr Sonal Jains treatment and in 3 months all my health issues are gone. I highly recommend her for Homopathic treatment.
    Aarti SindheAarti Sindhe
    13:35 30 Aug 22
    I was suffering from piles and indigestion and gas problem . I started my treatment with Dr Sonal . In 15 days my piles problem reduced by 70% and in 3 months all my problem of gas acidity and piles got cured. It's been 6 mnths now and I have no issues regarding piles. I strongly recommend DrSonal Jain if you are looking for a genuine homoeopath.
    Siddhi JuwatkarSiddhi Juwatkar
    15:16 13 Jun 22
    I am suffering from pcod, since 1year I was not getting my periods and when I started the treatment I got it regular. I am also working on my weight loss. Dr Sonal is very friendly and she also makes sures that the treatment is going well.
    Mohiddin KaluMohiddin Kalu
    14:49 26 Apr 22
    I was suffering from Urticaria ( Hives) since 8 months. I had been 3-4 skin specialist and taken medicines but no relief. Also went to KEM hospital and was advised allergy testing. Then my friend told me about Dr Sonal . He was her patient and he very recommended me to start Homoeopathic treatment with her. It's just been 1 1/2 months of her treatment and I am 70 % better. Initially she told me to stop non veg but now I am able to eat everything in moderate quantity. She is very friendly and easy to approach. I am very thankful to her for curing me and I strongly recommend her for any health problems.
    Prachi ChavanPrachi Chavan
    14:06 30 Mar 22
    I was suffering from Severe acidity and urine infection. My uric acid levels were also high. O found Dr Sonal Jain on google . I read the reviews and we decided to come here for treatment. Its been 5 months now and my acidity is completetly cured. My uric acid levels are also normal and my recurrent urine infectoon problem is also much better now. I am very grateful to Dr Sonal and I am very happy with her treatment. Even her staff is very cooperative and always recieves our call and answers our queries . I strongly recomend her for homoeopathy treatment.
    Riya JadhavRiya Jadhav
    06:14 14 Mar 22
    I had come to DrSonal fir Hairfall treatment. In 15 days I'm hairfall reduced . Her Hair oil and hair fall mixture is very effective. Its been 2 months now and my hair fall has completely stopped and my hair thickness also has increased. She is very good and sweet to talk. Explains everything very patiently.I highly recommend her for homoeopathic treatment.
    Rekha JadhavRekha Jadhav
    07:54 26 Feb 22
    She is very much friendly and listen each and everything very nicely. She understand the problem and explains very well about medication and other things as well. Now i am doing Homeopathy for my while family. She is the best doctor.
    Akshay P ChavanAkshay P Chavan
    10:11 25 Feb 22
    I am receiving treatment from Sonal mam...She took a detailed session to understand the root cause of my sciatica pain...After realizing my pain Sonal Mam started using homeopathic medicine and in one month I was very different...After seven months of treatment my pain was completely cured Thankyou so much Sonal Mam...
    Akshay JadhavAkshay Jadhav
    08:20 25 Feb 22
    I had visited Dr Sonal for Acidity ,Later for kidney stones and piles problems.I always get relief from her medicines. She is the best. My piles pain went in 1 week and no surgery was required after 1 months treatment.
    Suresh JoshiSuresh Joshi
    05:38 25 Feb 22
    She is our family doctor since many years. We are very happy with her. She is very patient and understanding. Strongly recommend her for your health issues
    02:50 16 Feb 22
    Sonal mam, unlike other doctors, gets into the depth of the illness, not just treat. She took a detailed session to understand the underlying reason for my ovarian cyst, migraine, anxiety and negativity. She took it one step at a time and worked on every issue one by one to give an overall healing. Mam never asks for tests unless needed for, as she is confident about her treatment plan. Totally recommend her for a holistic approach.

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