What is Reiki, and How is it done? Can Reiki help with anxiety?

Guide on Reiki Healing

Reiki therapy is based on the belief that energy flows in the body. During Reiki healing, the practitioner will apply gentle touch on the body or place your hand on the body, which acts as a guiding agent & it helps in recovery along with balancing. The ‘Reiki’ comes from the words ‘Rei,’ which means universal, and ‘Ki’ means lifeforce of energy.

Under the supervision of an experienced Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai, you can get the benefit of reiki healing & it can work effectively for different conditions like depression, anxiety, & pain.

How does reiki healing work?

When you visit the homeopathic clinic, the doctor will ask you to lie on a massage table & you are fully dressed. The Reiki practitioner will place palms over the body parts, which work as an essential part of energy. The hand placement is done in around 15 different methods.

During reiki therapy, there is no massage, pressure, or manipulation done. Gentle & straightforward touch is used to address the issue. While it’s done, you might feel sensations like tingling, heat, or pulsing on whichever body parts the hands are placed. On average, the reiki healing takes around 50 minutes.

Who can practice Reiki?

All those who have mastered Reiki will get an apprenticeship with one or more rituals. Although there is no such exam to do the same & with the state, there are no licensing needs. As Reiki practitioners, they work by making the person’s body get channelized. The reiki supporters are the view that:

  • There is 1st-degree attunement which means they understand to practice Reiki on themselves & others simply by touch.
  • In the second degree, the approach is to practice the same mentally by maintaining a distance & there is no touch involved.
  • The 3rd degree is the master level when someone gets the ability to give those rituals to others.

 Can Reiki help patients with anxiety?

It might help. One of the results has shown that it is considered way better as compared to other treatment options & it helps reduce heart rate & blood pressure. It is even believed that Reiki works effectively for patients to reduce anxiety, depression, & pain. Overall, the patient’s self-confidence & self-esteem gets on another level.

What happens after Reiki?

Following the Reiki session, you will feel less stressed or relaxed. Getting Reiki to address health issues does not mean that your regular treatment needs to stop. In this case, you must get your standard medical treatment.

Do you wish to start a reiki healing therapy?

If you wish to get your health managed naturally or reduce your stress levels, then better get assistance from a known homeopath expert and change your life.