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5 Important suggestion to look for a homeopathic doctor for your health

Find the best homeopathic doctor

The Healthcare system has advanced with new and inventive methods. With the doctor’s assistance, getting access to the right treatment is much easier to ease the entire process. Make sure that you find the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai who can effectively guide you about the treatment that suits your overall well-being. The doctor will tell you about the disease and how to care for yourself. To look for a homeopathic doctor, there are a few important tips that you should carefully consider.

5 tips to look for a homeopathic doctor

Tip 1: Check the overall years of experience
You must check the doctor’s years of experience. It’s best to visit the Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai that provides medical assistance for the specific health condition that you have. Depending on your problem, ask the doctor whether they can assist for the same or not. This will help you choose an experienced and skilled doctor to improve your overall well-being.

Tip 2: Needs to get proper training
The homeopathic doctor you have chosen must got proper training and education. Their qualification and understanding of the procedure play an essential role. During the initial consultation, you should ask the doctor about the same. The experienced and skilled doctors will readily share their skills and experience.

Tip 3: Understanding of advanced homeopathic treatment
The availability of advanced homeopathic approaches has made a lot of difference in the healthcare sector. So, make sure that you check whether the doctor understands the advanced homeopathic treatment while choosing the doctor. This way, managing everything and achieving the necessary care is much easier.

Tip 4: Provide one-on-one session for an initial consultation
The homeopathic doctor you select must provide you with the option to have an initial face-to-face consultation. This approach makes everything much easier to manage and handle. Additionally, this will help you get clarification on your condition and clear all the necessary doubts or concerns that are going on in your mind.
If the doctor does not prefer the initial consultation and asks you to get the treatment right away, then consider it a warning signal and look for another homeopathic doctor.

Tip 5: Check the reviews or testimonials
Most importantly, you should check the reviews or testimonials to better understand the homeopathic doctor’s treatment approach. You can check the reviews on the doctor’s website or through search engines. If there’s any review that seems to be against the doctor or all of them are more towards the negative side, then it’s better that you don’t choose him.


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Dr. Sonal Jain Homeopathic Medication To Treat Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Types Of Piles

The Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai categorizes piles into two parts: internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids usually occur within the rectum or anus. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids happen outside the anus. The most common and disrupting pile of both types of piles is external. Some symptoms that indicate piles in a person include irritation and difficulty sitting.

What Are The Classifications Of Piles?

The experts in the Homeopathic Clinic in Maharashtra further classified Piles into various grades. They base this categorization on the severity of pain and swelling. And based on the grade level, the doctor further selects the treatment.

  • Grade 1

At this level, the piles have a slight swelling on the nerves that are present inside the anus. You would not be able to see swelling from the outside.

  • Grade 2

In this grade level, the piles show a shrink-recoil effect. Basically, in this situation, the piles recoil when a person goes for a toilet. The piles shrink back after they use the toilet.

  • Grade 3

In this level, a person with piles forms a soft lump from the anal portions they pushed inside the anal covering with a standard push mechanism.

  • Grade 4

In this level, the pile hangs out entirely in the anus to top it off. You would not be able to push it back. Apart from that, as the size of the pile increases, the more painful it becomes for the patient.

Consulting with the doctor would help you get the Piles Treatment in Mumbai on time based on your grade level. Homeopathic treatment ensures personalized therapy, which increases the chances of a better outcome.

What Are The Causes Of Piles?

Let us move toward the causes of Piles to understand the context better.

  1. Poor muscle toning in the rectal region.
  2. Lifting heavy weights almost regularly in the gym.
  3. Sitting on the toilet for a longer period of time.
  4. Overusing laxatives.
  5. Weakness in the veins in the rectal area.
  6. Family history of piles.

What Are The Symptoms of PIles?

These are some of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids or piles.

  1. Noticing a formation of a lump near the region of the anus.
  2. Experiencing itching around the anus.
  3. Soreness in the anal region.
  4. Blood in the tissues after having a bowel movement.
  5. Experiencing pain while emptying bowels.

Who Are More At Risk Of Suffering From Piles?

These are some of the people who might be more likely to get in contact with piles than others.

  1. People who drink less than 10 to 12 glasses of water per day.
  1. People who continue to consume refined food or junk food almost regularly.
  1. People who have a low-fiber diet usually suffer from constipation. This problem contributes to a higher excretion strain, resulting in hard stool production.
  1. People who consume excessive salt in their daily diet retain fluid, resulting in increased vein swelling.
  1. People who sit for hours at a time in one place, basically those who have a sedentary lifestyle.
  1. People who do not work out daily.

Final Comments

Contact Dr. Sonal Jain and book your appointment now to get homeopathic medication for piles treatment.


Hemorrhoids Or Piles And Its Homeopathic Treatment In Mumbai

What Are Hemorrhoids Or Piles?

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen blood vessels in the lower part of the anal canal or rectum. The cause of hemorrhoids is some sort of predisposing factor such as excessive strain at the time of constipation that you prolonged for a long period of time.

Anyone can suffer from piles no matter what their age or gender is. But with the help of a Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai, you can treat it without any complications by following the homeopathic medicine.

There are situations where the patient or the doctor might get confused piles with anal fissures because of the same symptoms. In an anal fissure, a tear or cut causes bleeding, pain, and discomfort in the anal canal. This is the reason why you must consult a doctor in a Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai if you notice:

  • Blood in the anal canal while you are passing stool.
  • Lingering discomfort, pain, or itching in the anal canal.
  • Noticing a lump of mass that is protruding from the anal canal.
  • When you have used other medicines, ointments, and remedies with no success. 

How To Cure Piles?

If you treat the problem at an early stage, then there is no need for you to undergo surgery for the Piles Treatment in Mumbai. With some homeopathic medicines, you will be able to treat them quickly. 

Piles treatment without surgery

In the early stages, when you notice piles and there is no bleeding, then you can easily treat the condition without undergoing any surgery. All you require to do is to change your lifestyle.

Try to adopt a more fiber vegetarian diet, which also includes green leafy vegetables, cereals, grains, and fruits. You should also add plenty of fluids to your diet to prevent piles.

At this stage, the doctor might suggest you take homeopathic medicine or banding as an option for treatment.

Home Remedies For Piles

Let us know about some home remedies for piles, which you can follow to treat the early stage of the piles.

  • Take warm tub baths or sitz baths. This helps the patient in soothing the muscles of the anal.
  • Change the unhealthy diet and add these high-fiber vegetarian diets to your daily life.
  • Do not put unnecessary pressure while you are passing the stool.

Surgical Treatment For Piles

There are many cases wherein the cognition becomes worse over the course of time, and non-surgical treatment is unable to treat the condition.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about as it is a minimally invasive procedure that is painless and carries significantly less or no risk. The doctor will also discharge you after one day right after the surgery.

Although it is a safe procedure, you would not have to undergo surgery with homeopathy. As the homeopaths make the medicines from natural ingredients, the chances of having any side effects in the body are zero.

Final Comments

Come and visit Dr. Sonal Jain to treat chronic or acute diseases with homeopathy. A reliable medicine for any age group of people.

hemorrhoids homeopathy

Everything you should know about hemorrhoids treatment with homeopathy

Hemorrhoids treatment through the homeopathy approach

Hemorrhoids are one of the common conditions that can occur among everyone. As the condition leads to inflammation, it is evident there is a problem. This medical condition requires medical attention at the earliest because it’s painful, especially when present outside. Sometimes, the inflammation is so small that its presence is not even felt, and no pain. If you suspect you have hemorrhoids, then you should consult the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to transform your well-being into a better state. Most importantly, homeopathy gives natural and effective treatment for your condition.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

The symptoms of hemorrhoids depend on what’s the reason behind the condition. As the condition occurs with pain and over time, there’s bleeding and blood clot if the condition gets worse. You mustn’t ignore the symptoms and get medical assistance at the earliest for Hemorrhoids Treatment in Mumbai.

Additionally, hemorrhoids occur in four grades. For each of them, there’s a different symptom like:

Grade 1 Painless Rectal Bleeding
Grade 2 Pain & discomfort: The Anal openings gets protrude or proplapsed.
Grade 3 Pain & dicsomfort: The Anal opening get’s prolapsed for which there’s need to manually push it back inside.
Grade 4 Pain & discomfort reaches another level. The patients required advanced care.

What are the common causes of hemorrhoids?

Here are some of the common causes of hemorrhoids:

  • Lack of fiber in your diet
  • Irregular bathroom habit
  • Constipation
  • Irregular bowel movement
  • Straining
  • Genetics

That’s not all; even pregnant women are a higher chance of getting hemorrhoids. So, if you are going through this phase, consult a medical expert to guide you better on, ‘How to manage it?’

If someone in your family has this condition, then do get a medical evaluation. Starting your homeopathic treatment plan on time gives you utmost relief and improves your condition.

Hemorrhoids treatment at home: Tips suggested by a homeopathic doctor

The problem is higher when no symptoms are visible. And on the backend, the hemorrhoids are causing a negative effect. Therefore, you have to be prompt in seeking medical assistance from a homeopathic practitioner to manage the symptoms before it gets worse.

Along with your homeopathic treatment plan. There are a few essential home remedies you should follow to take care of your condition:

  • Make sure to balance your fiber intake, be it, men or women. Some of the highly rich sources of fiber are berries, nuts, legumes, veggies, and whole grains.
  • Apart from that, the homeopathic doctor will suggest that the necessary homeopathic practitioner improve your overall health.

Don’t delay and be prompt to seek medical care

Suppose, a person has extremal hemorrhoids for around 2 to 3 days, then it’s imperative to get medical assistance without any delay. Through the homeopathic approach, the emphasis is put on eradicating the pain and reason for hemorrhoids through all-natural and advanced homeopathy.