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Why are homeopathic medicines suitable for fixing the health issues of children?

Well, there are numerous reasons why every parent wants to get homeopathic treatment for their children, but the most prominent one is that homeopathic medicines do not leave any side effects. If your child is also suffering from any health problem, then you can visit Dr. Sonal’s Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai.

Moreover, Dr. Sonal Jain is the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai, so you can expect positive outcomes from your treatment. So let’s know about some common health issues of children that homeopathy can solve easily.

Below mentioned health issues of children can eliminate magically

  • Infections

As infection is a root problem of many diseases, and if someone does not get proper treatment for this, then chances are high that it will cause further complications. But homeopathic remedies can eliminate it from the root cause, and chances are high that you will not face any recurrence.

  • Allergies

Undoubtedly, homeopathy can treat chronic diseases permanently, and allergies are also one of those. As other medicines can also treat allergies but for a temporary time only, and those medicines contain harsh chemicals which can affect the organs of children’s bodies. Hence, everyone selects homeopathic medicines because these are made from natural substances and do not cause any side effects on the body.

  • Fever

Fever is a common problem in children, which occurs because of many reasons, such as changes in the weather and diet as well. So at that time, the homeopathic remedy aconite works miraculously in order to fight fever. Ferrum Phosphoricum is also a homeopathic remedy for fever. You can consult your homeopathic doctor to know which medicine will be more suitable for your children according to the reasons for the fever.

  • Cough and cold

According to many studies, homeopathic remedies are the best ones in order to treat cough and cold because homeopathy aims to improve the strength of the body to fight with bacteria that cause these issues. So chances are high that you can get relief from these issues in a very short time only. Homeopathic medicines are also useful to end the root cause of these issues.

However, Ipecac, Aconitum Napellus, Spongia Tosta, and Antimonium Tartaricum remedies are excellent for treating cough and cold, but you should make sure not to consume any remedy without the prescription of a homeopathic doctor.

  • Vomiting

Vomitings are also a common problem. Almost every child faces this problem, and it occurs because of many reasons. But most of the time, the prominent reason behind this is the consumption of unhygienic food. Luckily, some homeopathic medicines are also beneficial to treat this problem without causing any side effects.

Final words

Visit Dr. Sonal’s Healing with Homeopathy Clinic, in order to get excellent treatment. Additionally, they are experienced in this field; hence you can expect positive outcomes.


What are the risk factors and possible homeopathic treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver?

 Well, fatty liver problems are pretty common in overweight people, and a healthy liver is always fat-free. And due to bad eating habits, almost every fourth or fifth person is suffering from these issues. And if you are also suffering from this problem, then you can visit Dr. Sonal Jain Healthing with homeopathy, it is a popular homeopathic clinic in Mumbai.

Moreover, these issues do not harm in the starting phase, but if someone keeps on neglecting these issues, then chances are high that they will face further complications. So do not be late and contact Dr. Sonal Jain to get the perfect treatment. She is the best homeopathic doctor in Mumbai.

These are some risks and treatments associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver

  • Risks factors

If you are an overweight person or suffering from obesity, type two diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, or anyone out of them, then chances are maximum that you will face non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. And this disease is very much similar to alcohol-related liver diseases, but it is not caused by the consumption of alcohol. And the best way to recognize this disease is a blood test.

However, you will not face any severe complications if you will get treatment at the very beginning. But neglecting this issue can cost you. It can cause digestive issues, which can spoil your whole health.

  • Effective homeopathic treatment

According to homeopathy, the beginning of treatment of this issue begins with adopting a healthy lifestyle, as you can start consuming a healthy and balanced diet that contains an adequate amount of all essential vitamins and minerals. Exercising is also a pretty effective way to mitigate liver fat and try to work out daily for more than two hours. Smoking is also dangerous for the fatty liver so consider avoiding it completely.

  • Medication

There is no such medicine that can treat non-alcoholic fatty liver completely, but there are some which can control or mitigate associated issues with this condition.

  • Chelidonium

This homeopathic medicine is used to mitigate abnormal pain due to a fatty liver. In such cases, constipation and vomiting are common problems, and sometimes extreme weakness is also felt by the patient. The desire to drink or eat hot food and drinks is pretty common in these situations.

  • Phosphorus

This medicine is a perfect solution for fatty acids, which can cause severe pain in the liver. Weakness is also a common problem in these cases.

Make sure to get a consultation from an expert, and do not take any medicine without the instructions of a health expert. Otherwise, you can face some serious issues because doctors first examine your condition properly and then suggest medicines.