Drawing analysis

Psychological Drawing analysis in Mumbai, Maharashtra

‘Expressing your thoughts’ – Psychological Drawing analysis in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Is it easy for you to do that? Well! For some, it might seem easy but for some, it is difficult to express in words what they feel. This is where Drawing Analysis is a great therapy to be creative and use that at the same time to evaluate the psychological condition. Dr. Sonal Jain is the most trusted name among the patients to get the healing by all natural ways. At our homeopathy clinic, you will get the most integrated approach to make yourself feel better.

The personal characteristics of the individual are noticed through this like motor coordination, intelligence, learning abilities, and cognitive development. It is one of the additional ways to understand the psychological assessment.

Expressive therapy

Through expressive therapy, it allows better analysis of the patient’s mental health. The analysis is based on checking the size, location, and projection of the drawing. Along with the stroke, the symmetry in the drawings is analyzed properly. The 3 main drawing tests which are performed are mentioned below:

  • The tree drawing
  • The human figure drawing
  • The family drawing