Bedwetting Homeopathy Treatment

Are your children having trouble with bedwetting problems?

Are your children having trouble with bedwetting problems?
Homeopathy Bedwetting Treatment, Bedwetting is also known as nocturnal enuresis, which is basically a condition, wherein the kid involuntarily urinates during sleep. It is commonly seen till the age of 5, but if it extends, then you should think about it as it is a matter of concern. You should seek professional help from the homeopathic doctor in Mumbai if the child passes urine even after the age when bladder control usually occurs

The child who suffers from such a condition usually notices an increase in urination production at night; they need proper treatment with homeopathy as it would help them treat the problem with no complications.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bedwetting?

These are some of the common signs which might indicate bedwetting issues:

  • If your child is bedwetting even after the age of 5 years.
  • If your child starts urinating at night after staying dry the whole day.
  • If your child feels that there is an urgency in the need to urinate or if they experience pain while urinating.
  • If your child is unable to control urine.

What Are The Causes Of Bedwetting?

  • The leading cause of bedwetting is delayed neurological development in which the child does not have any pathology or is delayed in learning to stay dry.
  • Parents who have suffered from the same condition are likely to pass it down to their chances. Children are more at risk if their parents have had bedwetting issues
  • If there is a hormonal imbalance of anti-diuretic hormone, which helps in increasing the secretion of the urine that goes beyond the child’s bladder holding capacity. It also regulates urine production.
  • Children who are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also have good chances of having bedwetting issues. Other than that, caffeine is another reason for such problems.
  • Constipation is another cause that might induce involuntary urination as the loaded bowel is more likely to exert pressure resulting in a bedwetting condition.
  • If you have a urinary tract infection, you might also notice bedwetting issues.
  • In children, any kind of psychological issue can also cause involuntary urination problems. Some of those issues include stress, anxiety, fear, sexual abuse, death in the family, scolding, bullying, and sadness can make a child suffer from involuntary urination during sleep.
  • If your child is suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus caused by polyuria, then it might also evoke involuntary urination in bed.
  • If your child does not have proper toilet training or is a heavy sleeper, then they might face bedwetting issues.

Homeopathic Management Of Bedwetting

Homeopathy provides various treatments to help your child get rid of such bedwetting issues. Some of the medicines include kreosotum, sepia, staphysagria, sulphur, graphites, nature mur, Calcarea carb, tuberculinum, etc.

Please note: do not self-diagnose and target your problem. It is best advised to visit a homeopathic clinic in Mumbai and treat your situation under the guidance of a skilled doctor.

Homeopathy is a safe remedy that is very effective for children. Counseling with a doctor about the condition will help you diagnose the issues and cure them with the proper treatment.

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