Respiratory Disorder

Homeopathic Medications For Respiratory Functions

Homeopathy is one of the best remedies for addressing the problematic signs & symptoms which come along with respiratory infection. Through the intake of homeopathy, the infections are well-treated and there are no such side effects afterward. Certain infections create problems with the same like tonsillitis, rhinitis, & much more.

All such problems are linked with issues like cold, ear infection, sinusitis, & bronchitis. Out of all these, the most common one is bronchitis. With this condition, the lung air passage will have inflammation which is going to result in bronchi. The condition might be chronic or acute. But you must consult one of the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to get yourself the most effective treatment.

Is the bronchitis condition curable?

If it’s not cured within 2 months then it will be difficult to cure it. Consulting the  Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai is going to help you understand better how the situation will be managed most effectively.

Right treatment better results

The right treatment plan is going to make the situation well-managed & effective in all ways. Through the respiratory system issue, there will be a difficulty for the body to get the oxygen, and the waste production elimination will not be done the right way.

With homeopathy, the most effective treatment plan is given which helps in better telling about the illness. Additionally, there will be more focus on giving individualized treatment plans which is the key reason the overall health is better addressed. Along with the necessary addictions are analyzed which might be creating problems for you. Moreover, the use of homeopathic medications is better known for giving that effective solution, and even all the symptoms are better addressed. The major aim of homeopathy medications is best focused on addressing the recurrence and intensity.

The problem might be a viral, bacterial, or certain allergy, and everything must be better analyzed and taken in the right direction. In this case, the mucus is emitted in the white.

Are you noticing these symptoms?

  • Breath shortness while jogging or walking
  • Climbing Stairs

If there is asthma then it is going to impact the lungs and there will be a narrow passage created to the airways. Apart from these, you will notice a headache, sore throat, chest tightness, & nasal congestion. Moreover, there will be issues in taking breaths & the issue of coughing gets triggered at night.

Homeopathy is effective for addressing respiratory diseases

Homeopathy medications are indeed used for addressing respiratory issues most safely. When the right treatment is given then it will be much easier to address the situation. Not only that but the cure is given in the most right manner. If you have a blockage in the chest or any other issue then better get medical assistance on time for managing the situation. Additionally, there will be no major impact that will happen on the body or any sort of negative side-effect. If you have this condition then better get Dr. Sonal Jain assistance for the same.

Hair Loss

What are the early signs of balding? How is homeopathy effective?

Homeopathy Treatment Is Effective For Baldness

Did you know?

Knowing about the early signs of any health issue or problem can be of great help in preventing the problem & giving you the best care possible. The early signs are better checked for preventing baldness. But, ‘What are those signs?’

Determining the hair loss condition

One of the major signs is MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) which is great to check the hair & scalp state. At times the hair loss condition is occasional which can be happening due to a certain situation. But that does not mean that any situation needs to be avoided. For seeing the effective results and preventing the problem from getting worse consulting one of the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai is the ultimate choice. One of the evident signs is a receding hairline in which hair thinning starts to get on the top and then it is going to form a V-molded hairline. To see the necessary difference you should have a look at your older picture & check how the hair loss has gotten worse over time.

Homeopathy Treatment works as the best choice

Homeopathy treatment is effective in all ways as the medication which is given is all-natural and effective. The homeopathic medication will work in a natural response against the body which means all the desired results are achieved. It’s like getting all the necessary alternatives & making sure that a specific one is analyzed which treats the condition. Bear in mind, baldness is not an issue that occurs overnight. The process is slow yet gradual and this is why consulting the medical expert on time is essential. With the right kind of treatment plan from the Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai, the male pattern baldness will be addressed & this is where homeopathy treatment makes the best choice.

Notice that change in hairline

With receding hairline the primary indication is noticed through thinning hair top & then baldness is triggered in the further stages. If you have started to notice a change in your hair locks with time then it is better to get the treatment right away. Through homeopathy hair loss treatment, everything will come into place.

Homeopathy treatment works effectively

If you have a healthy scalp then it means you have healthy hair. This is why it’s essential that your scalp is being taken care of effectively. Be it any medication or hair oil use or homeopathy medications are something best opted for. As the medications are applied it will make sure the bloodstream is energized in all ways.

Homeopathy medications are best used for male pattern baldness and this is how the underlying issue is well-addressed. When you schedule an initial consultation with the doctor the homeopath expert is going to analyze the exact reason behind the situation by performing different tests and well-pointing towards what’s wrong.

Get yourself a safe and effective homeopathy treatment plan

Are you experiencing the same problem? Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sonal Jain to get yourself the right treatment plan & ensure that everything is under control on time.


How does homeopathic treatment help to boost the immune system?

As the 3rd wave of COVID has started to show its effect on everyone, it’s imperative to take the best care of your health. The body has to be taken care of so that nothing goes in the wrong direction. With time people have started to go down the use of everything natural as the side-effects are not there and it transforms the body immunity in all ways.

This is why homeopathy has started to gain attention with time. Homeopathy treatment is something that does not come with any sort of negative side effects & this is the reason individuals prefer to take the best care of their health through homeopathy.

Are you facing any health issues?

Treatment from one of the known Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai is all you need to make your overall-well being balanced and effectively treat the problem.

The immune system requires the right care

To ensure the immune system functions properly it has to fight well against the foreign invaders which strat affecting the body’s healthy tissues. The problem is likely to affect different parts of the body like:

  • Digestive capabilities get down
  • The body has difficulty in absorbing all the essential nutrients

The homeopathic treatment is known for boosting the gut which makes a better connection with the brain. The Homeopath Doctor in Mumbai might give you homeopathic probiotics which means taking the necessary from the large intestine & it will ensure the good bacteria is present in the gut.

Homeopathy treatment approach is simple yet effective

The best homeopath will give you treatment to boost your immune system by following one simple principle i.e. ‘Like Cures Like’. The illness symptoms need to be well-managed with what the problem is. By analyzing your condition, the doctor will give you that specific treatment that addresses your condition correctly and that too on time.

To enjoy the true benefits and have those effective results which most individuals get when they get homeopathy treatment is ‘Always follow the doctor advice & make sure to complete the treatment course.’ Even in general life if you leave things in between then the desired results are not obtained or that impact you are looking for is not achieved. So, following homeopathy treatment, the right way will help your body’s immune system to fight back.

Homeopathy remedies to boost the immune system

Allium cepa

It has a slight amount of red onion which provides relief against teary eyes & nasal congestion. All in all, it works great to boost the immune system against cold weather.


Gelsemium sempervirens is one of the vines and from there this remedy is taken. It works best against flu symptoms. Additionally, the body ache & fever can be addressed.

No doubt if you say there is one specific option that can help in boosting the immune system then it’s not there. Individually all the homeopathic treatment options or remedies are best in addressing the health issues.

Whether it’s about boosting immunity or any other health issue, make sure that you take the homeopathic remedies only after consulting the medical expert.

Success Stories

Successful Homeopathic Allergy Treatment: Happy Patient Story

Just 9 months needed to address the severe allergy with homeopathy treatment

This blog is the story of a woman who underwent homeopathic treatment for 9 months and her severe allergy was addressed.

Sanya Chugh

Severe allergy got treated with homeopathic treatment

Sanya consulted our Homeopathy doctor in Mumbai after having rashes for around 5 years. Before going down the road of homeopathy she tried every possible option but nothing worked. The problem triggered more when she shifted to Mumbai from Delhi for her job. Initially, she has the symptoms like:

  • Dryness
  • Cough
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation

She tried oils, moisturizers, & creams but nothing gave her relief. It was difficult to understand what the issue was as blood test results were normal.

Initial consultation with the homeopathic doctor for allergy treatment

As she decided to begin the journey of Allergy Treatment in Mumbai with the homeopath practitioner, she scheduled her initial consultation. The doctor asked her everything so that a better treatment plan can be made. The doctor included questions like:

  • Are you having a sound sleep?
  • What sort of food do you like?
  • What is your job?

Knowing every minute detail helps in giving the treatment the right way and it has that customized feeling to it. Dr. Sonal Jain discussed every possible thing & based on the same the research-based medication was given.

Journey to improvement

It took around 3.5 months to notice a slight improvement in her condition. Her itching started to settle down a bit which genuinely improved her quality of life. By around the 6th month, her itching settled down to a great extent which never happened in the past as she tried every possible medication out there. Moreover, the medications she used to take in her daily life got completely stopped. It took around 9 months for her to see the improvement in her condition.

She even added, ‘Dr. Sonal Jain is one of the most professional, friendly & experienced doctors I have come across till now. Her approach towards giving the treatment only after knowing every possible factor about the condition makes her different and best from others. Not only did she suggest medication to me but even suggested that I make certain changes in my eating habits. Her approach towards taking care of the patients is one of a kind. Most importantly she made sure all my doubts were cleared throughout my treatment journey.’

Homeopathy is effective for all health issues

It’s true that a homeopathy is an effective approach for all sorts of health issues. Moreover, the treatment focus is on addressing the health concern by determining the possible root cause so that it does get worse with time. Initially, the focus is put on limiting the extent of symptoms & accordingly giving the treatment which works best in all ways.

Are you having trouble with your well-being?

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sonal Jain & Make sure that you ask all the concerns which cross your mind so that you can make an informed decision.


Skin Rashes That Can Be A Symptom Of Being COVID -19 Positive

2020 and 2021 have been a hell of an experience for many, the introduction of COVID-19 has affected the life of the citizen and the year 2022 has started with a new variant of COVID-19 that is Omnicron.

I know nobody wants to hear or read about COVID-19 or anything related to it. But your safety is in your hand. So maintain distance and learn your lesson from the previous year, and do not be reckless with your own and others life.

Symptoms of Omnicron

Different people from different states have noticed varieties of symptoms that differ from each other. Though the main symptoms of COVID-19 are loss of smell and taste. Omicron the milder variant shows the symptoms of cold and cough. In addition to it, it is also noticed that people are suffering from skin rashes which can be cured by a Homeopathic Skin Doctor In Mumbai.

Skin Rashes Seen In Omnicron

The most common type of rashes that are reported in Omnicron are:


People who are are positive with Omicron have noticed a rash in their skin that occurs suddenly. Skin Treatment In Maharashtra can help you get rid of any rashes that are visible with the help of Homoeopathic medicines.

People have complained that they have been having an itching sensation which is very intense starting from their palms or soles. Raised bumps are usually being showed up in this form of skin rash.

It is important to know that a common cold or a different variety of flu may be a cause of hives. It is also very common among children to suffer from hives after being positive from COVID-19.

Prickly Heat:

A very common rash can be seen in the knees, elbows, and the back of the feet and hands. Prickly heat rash usually pops all over the body. Apart from suffering from Prickly heat rashes, it is also seen that the patient has headaches, fatigue, and a loss of appetite. It is one of the most common side effects that has been reported among adults.


There have been reports about rashes that sticks out above the skin, it looks like a sour patch that is red or purple. Covid-toes a symptom that has been most commonly seen in the patient of Covid-19 is what chilblains look like.

People have been suffering from toes that are inflamed and red, it also sometimes come with a rash. People who have come in contact with Omnicron has noticed that the symptoms are presented within 48 hours. This symptom is conventionally seen in people of all ages. But children and teenagers are most likely to get in touch with it.

Common List Of Symptoms

Though the symptoms have changed a lot over time especially with the introduction of new variant but these are the common symptoms:

  • Loss of smell and taste

  • Sneezing

  • Headache

  • Runny nose

  • Fatigue


At Dr Sonal Jain you can treat your skin problems with homoeopathic medicine. A safe way for your sensitive skin.

Hair treatment

Which are the best hair loss treatment options in homeopathy?

Hair is one of the best parts as it does show the person’s confidence. If the hair is lost then it can be extremely devastating in terms of the results. Many people often think hair loss can leave a serious toll on a person’s mental health. Hair loss can occur due to different reasons like over hairstyling, stress hormones, and dietary changes.

Most importantly, there is a receding hairline that is easily noticed in individuals. No doubt, losing hair can be extremely devastating, and making sure it is controlled in all ways is essential. If that is not done then there are chances the mental health is impacted adversely in which no one would have thought about. In the case of men, the issue of male pattern baldness is noticed & in women, the hair partition tends to get broad with time. Hair loss treatment is something that needs attention and that too from the experts.

Right and effective hair loss treatment plan

Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai is something that is effective and its results even last for a long time. The medications which the patient is given will be prescribed after understanding what’s the reason behind the issue & making sure that treatment is given which leads to hair growth. Moreover, the treatment will work by reducing the hair density or severity of the condition.

Which are the homeopathic medications for hair loss?

Some of the best known homeopathic medications for Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai

are mentioned below:

  • Thuja occidentalis

When the hair has become dry, scaly, and white then this works the best. It is effective for hair thinning and dryness. Its effectiveness has been shown to result in hair growth and makes it lustrous.

  • Natrum Muriaticum

This is best when hair loss is triggered following childbirth. Some hair loss is noticed in the front part of the scalp & sometimes the reason is anemia.

  • Lycopodium

The best option for hair loss following childbirth, ovarian dysfunction, and menopause. Hair loss triggers from the vertex and then it goes to the temples in which grey hair can trigger.

  • Fluoric acid

Best suited option for hair loss and it can trigger the problem of alopecia areata. Additionally, hair regrowth is possible with it. If the hair has started to become dry, get tangled & break easily then this works the best.

Important Note!

The medications or options suggested in this article are just for reference purposes. Till the time you don’t consult the doctor make sure to not take them on your own. Only after consulting the doctor is it best to take any sort of medication as every individual is different from one another. So, better do all things under the doctor’s guidance.

Schedule initial consultation

It’s better to get yourself medical assistance at the earliest and get the necessary treatment continued only by consulting the doctor. This way the entire situation will work in your favor and you will be given the treatment which is best to address your hair loss most effectively and safely.