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Effective and safe homeopathic treatment for male infertility

What to do about male infertility?

Male infertility is the inability of the male partner to impregnate the female partner. The problem with the male reproductive system is the major reason. Undoubtedly, the concept of infertility is still not widely known among individuals. But, one thing is certain people are choosing the homeopathic approach for Male Infertility Treatment In Maharashtra. No matter the condition, the major focus is on choosing all-natural care, without any side effects.

Do you know?

The male reproductive system functions properly when the testosterone and hormones are balanced. The hormones need to be normal and in the right environmental condition to keep it all balanced. So, if you have been trying to conceive for the last year despite having regular and unprotected intercourse, then schedule an initial consultation with one of the best Homeopathic Doctor in Maharashtra.

What are the symptoms of male infertility?

One of the evident and most common symptoms of male infertility is the problem with the pregnancy journey. Apart from that, there are some other common symptoms of male infertility like:

  • Not able to smell things properly
  • Have a problem with sexual health and function like ED (Erectile Dysfunction). The problem with ejaculation or ejaculating small amounts of sperm.
  • Breast swelling i.e. Gynecomastia
  • Sperm count is not normal. Homeopathy offers the most effective treatment for the condition of low sperm count.
  • Pain, swelling, or lump in the testicle area

What are the causes of male infertility?

The reasons behind male infertility are endless. Some of the major causes of male infertility are:

  • Immobile sperm – Sperm cannot move
  • Malformed sperm – Improper sperm shape
  • Low sperm production – Low sperm count
  • Blockages that prevent sperm delivery to semen

All the conditions differ, and they can happen due to injury, illness, exposure, psychological issues, or environmental factors.

Test required before the homeopathic male infertility treatment

There are a test required before the male infertility treatment:

  • Local examination of genitals
  • Chromosomal test
  • Immunological test
  • Semen analysis
  • Serum hormone levels
  • Testicular biopsy

Male infertility: Homeopathic treatment makes the infertile fertile

Infertility happens due to different reasons. Thankfully, homeopathy’s advancement and safe approach make a major difference in increasing fertility. The focus of homeopathy is not just to address the problem but focus on telling you the things that improve your overall well-being. It includes:

  • Make the necessary dietary changes
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not drink
  • Exercise regularly
  • Don’t miss out on the doctor’s appointment
  • Get treatment for hormonal imbalance

So, every step that you take is letting you get closer to improving your overall male reproductive health. So, early medical intervention is the biggest way to improve your life by all means.


homeopathy Male Infertility

Male Infertility: What approach is followed by homeopathy for infertility?

Male Infertility: Homeopathic Treatment Plan

Male infertility is one of the common conditions that men around the globe face. The inability to conceive on their own despite unprotected sex can trigger several factors. With the natural approach offered by homeopathy, it’s possible to plan for pregnancy through a natural and effective approach. Please visit an experienced Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai so that he can analyze the possible factor linked to male infertility:

  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm motility
  • Abnormal sperm functioning
  • ED (Erectile dysfunction)

Homeopathic treatment for male infertility

The homeopathic treatment follows an all-natural and effective approach. The treatment safety and reliability of the treatment are the most vital factors. That’s the reason homeopathic Male Infertility Treatment In Mumbai is known to address the root cause of pregnancy for increased success chances.

One of the evident factors that make homeopathy effective is the quality of treatment. There are no such triggering side-effects as everything is followed through a natural approach. The results of homeopathic treatment take around 3 to 4 months to notice the desired difference. However, every patient’s overall condition varies from one to another, so the results might be different in some cases. The effects of homeopathy medications have proven to be successful in several cases.

Best homeopathic medications for male infertility

  • Agnus castus

The agnus castus is an effective homeopathic medicine that’s effective for infertility. The medications work effectively against ED, premature ejaculation, and other health conditions. The medication even shows effective results against the depression and mental health issues that lead to infertility.

  • Lycopodium

Lycopodium has been shown to help against chronic fatigue and tiredness. The medications help to boost the reproductive organs, help achieve an erection, and address the concern of genital warts & discharge. Therefore, it’s effective in case of male infertility.

  • Conium Mac

Conium mac is another homeopathic medicine that helps to address pain during ejaculation. Conium mac offers effective results for the condition of penile area hardness and swelling.

  • Argentum nitricuum

For cases of male infertility that can lead to weakness and anxiety, agentum nitricuum offers effective results. Moreover, the medications work best for stress, dizziness, and hallucinations. So, the medication offers effective results against male infertility to improve overall well-being.

Please Note:

All the above-mentioned homeopathic medications should only be taken after consulting the doctor. Every patient’s condition varies, so it’s essential to get medical assistance and check your overall health properly.

How to boost the success of homeopathic treatment for male infertility?

To succeed in homeopathic treatment, you must follow all the natural and effective methods. Some of the top ones are:

  • You should not smoke as it causes adverse effects on sperm production and quality. To increase the success of pregnancy, you should quit smoking.
  • Do not drink alcohol, be it male or female. Alcohol intake increases testosterone levels in the body.
  • Do not take meat and soy products.
  • Increase intake of fresh juice
  • Hydrate yourself, don’t forget to drink water
  • Don’t have too many supplements.
Male Infertility

Seeking Second Opinion From Homeopathic Doctor On Male Infertility

It could be hard on anyone when they learn about their infertility issues. Most of the time, our society blames unsuccessful pregnancy on a woman. But the fact is that the chances of infertility can rely 50-50 % on both men and women.

In fact, there are more chances for men to be infertile in the couple than women. Apart from that, the reasons for male infertility in many cases are very unexpected. Many patients are, in fact, relatively young, are in healthy shape, and do not suffer from any underlying health conditions.

However, this type of infertility seems to give more shock. It makes it harder for the significant patient to make decisions regarding the next steps for their infertility treatment, medications, IVF, and sperm donor.

Second Opinion on Male Infertility from Homeopathic Doctor

This is the reason why they like to take a second opinion on this matter from the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai. We have worked with many male patients who have been struggling with infertility. This helps them build a better understanding of the problem in a simpler way. They also often take Homeopathic medicines along with the conventional method in order to if desired.

Why Should You Seek Second Opinion On Male Infertility From Homeopathic Doctor?

  • Under the age of 50 with an underlying health condition

We have already established that male infertility does not depend on the age factor alone. Many patients who are younger and in their 30s face infertility issues. If you are younger than 50, do not wait to come to us to seek a second opinion on this matter for a broader perspective. This will also help you get to learn some other treatments for infertility.

  • If you have had a child before and might suffer from secondary infertility

Secondary infertility is very real and often. The thing that shocks people with secondary infertility is that it develops after the couple can conceive a healthy child. Secondary infertility can affect both men and women. It is necessary for you to undergo all kinds of examinations to review the ideal Male Infertility Treatment In Mumbai options. This will help the patient to save time, financial commitments, and energy.

  • If you have not received a proper male infertility examination

The doctor generally begins the male infertility testing with a comprehensive semen analysis where the doctor assesses your sperm on the basis of its motility, concentration, volume, and morphology. This test will help the fertility specialist to get an overview of the severity of the issues. Based on that severity, they will further decide the treatment.

  • Undergone multiple treatment cycles without any success

Sometimes, in order to reach the desired outcome, it is necessary to undergo. But these Infertility treatment cycles can cost you not only money but also your time, energy, and emotional and mental toll. In case you have any kind of doubt regarding the duration of repeat treatments, it is necessary for you to seek a second opinion.

Male Infertility

Homeopathic medications are a boon to couples with male infertility

Homeopathic treatment/medications for Male Infertility

The joy of conception is one of the most exciting phases every couple waits for. However, that’s not possible for every couple to experience the same. Indeed! The inability to conceive is hard, especially when trying for a long time. When you visit the Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai, it helps you know the most appropriate way to manage the situation. Indeed! To have the experience of a full-term pregnancy, you should go down the path of natural remedies that offer safe and effective means without causing any major side effects. Be it male or female infertility; homeopathic medications work effectively for everyone.

Are you trying to conceive for a long time?

If you have been tired of trying out the different medications and procedures for a long time, you need to go down the road of homeopathy. The assistance offered by the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai helps you choose the right path to improve your chances of conception.

Homeopathic treatment for male infertility

Well! Anyone can begin with the Male Infertility Treatment In Mumbai under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor. It means there are no such initial necessary measures that are required. If you have been told you are infertile and have problems conceiving, then you can only start your homeopathy male infertility treatment today.

Please Note!

Homeopathic treatment works by addressing the root cause of the problem. By working on the specific cause and then making efforts to address the same, the homeopathic doctor will guide you in detail about the entire process. The only and most important thing you must do is be regular with your homeopathic treatment plan. Do not miss out on any day of taking your medications. Completing your course is essential. So, make sure that you do that properly.

Homeopathic medications that work towards addressing male infertility

Homeopathic medications work best against male infertility because of all-natural approaches. Be it ED (Erectile Dysfunction), low sexual desire, a problem with genitals, or any other thing, the homeopathic medications work wonders to make the situation better. The possible medications are:

  • Agnus castus

Helps to boost sexual desire and physical ability.

  • Caladium

Best suggested in case of infertility or improved the impotence results that might trigger due to mental depression. The intake of medications helps the genitals to stay relaxed.

  • Selenium

Selenium is used for ED when erections are slow and weak.

The doctor will check your entire condition, symptoms, and cause; by doing so, it makes it much easier to proceed with the necessary measures that are best.

Homeopathic treatment is based on an individualistic approach

Under the expertise of Dr Sonal Jain, you will get an individualistic treatment to help improve your overall condition.

infertility Male Infertility

Male Infertility: A Bane For The Couple Ability To Conceive A Child

Male infertility!

 Something that no male wanted to hear, especially in their prime age. It is a hindrance for the couple who have been trying to get pregnant forever.

But no more worries! In the Homeopathic Clinic in Maharashtra, you will be able to treat the condition with natural procedures.

 What Is Male Infertility?

Infertility is a broader term that describes the inability to procreate. In the male, it incorporates Erectile dysfunction as it also somehow contributes to procreation. Basically, infertile males have some sort of defects in their semen (fluid required for childbirth) which prevents them from getting pregnant. The sperm fertilized with the egg is present in the semen, and any factor can affect fertility.

What Are The Causes Of Male Infertility?

There are many that male reproduction highly depends on. Some of those factors include:

  • Your ability to make a healthy amount of sperm that can fertilize the egg.
  • Have an erection and ejaculate so that sperm reaches the egg.

In case you are encountering a problem with either or all of these, then it might be a case of infertility.

Given below are some of the reasons for male infertility. 

  • Sperm disorder

The biggest challenge that a male finds in reproductive health is to make healthy sperm. There are cases when the sperm are immature, unable to swim, or abnormally shaped. There are also cases when an individual is not making enough sperm or is not making sperm at all. There is a different condition that might lead to this problem, including:

  1. Inflammatory or infectious condition. One Of the common examples of such a condition is mumps virus after puberty.
  2. Pituitary gland or hormone problem.
  3. Having immune problems wherein you make antibodies against your own sperm.
  4. Factors related to lifestyle and environment. Such elements include the use of tobacco, use of heavy alcohol, use of marijuana or steroids, and even exposure to toxins.
  5. Genetic diseases such as hemochromatosis or cystic fibrosis, which the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai can treat. 
  • Structural problems

Remember that anything that blocks the genital tract can prevent the flow of semen. It could be either due to genetic issues or birth defects. Apart from that, inflammation or infection due to sexually transmitted diseases or infection can also lead to blockage of semen. Some other causes include scar tissues from twisted, swollen veins or surgery on the scrotum 

  • Other factors

There are other elements that might cause infertility in males, including erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Kidney or liver diseases or treatment for seizure disorder are more examples of issues that can lead to infertility in males. 

Who Is At Risk Of Male Infertility

These are some common factors that might increase the risk of infertility in males.

  • Past inflammation of the prostate or past genital infections
  • Injury to or twisting (torsion) of the testicles
  • Early or late puberty
  • Exposure of the genitals to high temperatures
  • Hernia repair
  • Undescended testicles

Apart from that, you might also be at greater risk if your doctor has prescribed you certain medicines. Such medicines include ulcers, psoriasis, depression, and high blood pressure. 

Male Infertility

Let’s unfold some of the important facts about male infertility

Guide on Male Infertility

Becoming parents brings such immense pleasure in the couple’s life. But, most individuals still think that the problem is just the father’s concern. Although, it’s essential to know that infertility affects the state of both men and women. Moreover, the research has shown that the incidence rate of male infertility is on the rise. One of the most problematic conditions is the stressful lifestyle that worsens the situation. If you have been dealing with this condition, visit the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to seek necessary solutions.

What are the signs and symptoms of male infertility?

The reason to begin the Male Infertility Treatment In Mumbai often comes to light when the couple cannot conceive. However, several symptoms are noticed that might trigger a problem for male fertility:

  • Medical and urological history
  • Timing of puberty
  • Childhood urologic disorders/ Surgical treatment
  • Sexual history
  • Chronic or acute medical problem
  • Testicular cancer and treatment
  • Intake of certain medications
  • Spinal cord injury

With all these states, the problem of male infertility is more serious. So, make sure to consult the medical expert at the earliest. If you are trying to conceive but have problems doing so, schedule your initial consultation at Homeopathic Clinic in Maharashtra to seek the necessary solution.

What are the causes of male infertility?

One of the significant reasons is Azoospermia (The absence of healthy and quality sperm). Around 15% to 20% of the male has this problem that makes it difficult for the semen to produce quality sperm for the pregnancy. And with time, there’s difficulty in conceiving.

The fertilization process is crucial, and for that, the sperm and egg need to meet each other. But, if the sperm is not viable to move correctly, there’s an extreme difficulty level. If the sperm cannot move correctly or have the right shape, it’d be difficult for the couple to conceive independently. Here are some of the most common infections that affect male fertility:

  • Prostatitis
  • TB
  • Chronic infection
  • Mumps
  • Smallpox
  • Leprosy

Other common causes of male infertility are vein enlargement that wraps the testicles, varicocele problems, and sperm development issues.

Lifestyle factors can affect male infertility

With age, the fertility level declines. And sometimes lifestyle habits play a significant role like lack of regular exercise, work stress, exposure to environmental pollutants, nutrition, delayed marriage, poor nutrition, smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumption, being overweight, and health issues.

Get daily male infertility check-ups

The crucial part is to get daily infertility check-ups to check the fertility of both men and women. The doctor will check the male partner’s semen analysis and perform a detailed medical history to check the problem. Accordingly, the homeopathic doctor will give the necessary treatment plan to make a difference to your fertility health.

Male Infertility

Fibs And Facts On Male Infertility: Detailed Guide On Male Infertility

Male Infertility: Everything you need to know

One of the greatest non-fact of all time, Infertility is just a female concern. All thanks to advancements in medical science and the expertise of medical experts, it has made it clear that’s not the case. Infertility is a concern of both men and women. When a couple is planning to conceive, the fertility of both partners makes a difference in their condition. Around 33% of the cases account for male Infertility. And that is why the partners are always on the lookout for Male Infertility Treatment In Mumbai to naturally improve the chances of conception.

Decline in sperm count: One of the biggest reasons for male Infertility

One of the studies has analyzed that sperm count has reduced by 50% in the last 40 years. If you struggle with male Infertility, then homeopathy offers an all-personalized and natural approach to making your well-being better. Depending on the study, the problem is with the sperm count and health, and through homeopathy treatment, you can get the right solution.

The study might not make evident the leading factors that contributed to the decline, but there are a few causes that affect sperm quality:

Medical Causes

  • Structural issues related to sperm production.

Environmental influences

Chemical & heavy metal exposure to overheating from:

  • Bike shorts
  • Laptops
  • Saunas

Lifestyle habits

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Intake of illicit drugs

Need to have an open talk about Infertility

If the male is struggling with Infertility, then it should be hidden away. The important part is to talk about the problem openly with the homeopathic doctor and get the correct answers for the condition. Consulting a homeopathic practitioner will explain what to do and the right approach. Bear in mind that the approach offered by homeopathy addresses the problem through the root cause. Therefore, it’s much easier to get it treated once the issue is known right away.

What are the common causes of male Infertility?

The sperm can reproduce itself in 72 days. This period allows you to improve your well-being and get the sperm into a better state. As per the homeopathic approach, you have to change your daily lifestyle habits and make it all well-balanced to improve your health. The most common reasons or causes of male infertility are:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol intake
  • Being overweight
  • Use of the recreational drug
  • Steroids
  • Working in a hot temperature

With all these factors, there’s a problem with sperm production, sperm motility, and sperm morphology.

Also, make sure that you do not use any steroids as, for the time being, it might give you necessary results, but in the long run, you will notice health issues.

Homeopathic treatment for male Infertility

Dr. Sonal Jain, one known homeopathic doctor, Will give you the necessary treatment plan. And also tell you the lifestyle changes required to make in your life.