Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Diet and Nutrition Counseling Specialist In Mumbai, Maharashtra

Diet and Nutrition Counseling Specialist In Mumbai, Maharashtra, Discover more. Live better. Is the perfect quote which tells how we should live our life. Getting individualized nutritional care from an experienced and certified doctor will help you make your eating habits better. Not only that, but adding the right kind of nutrition to your diet will prevent many health issues like bone problems, obesity, hair fall, allergies, thyroid, diabetes, and much more.

Certified Nutritionists: Individualized Counselling
For Food-Related problems

Individualized nutritional counseling can give insight into food-related illness and educate about the right kind of nutrition you need to add to your diet and what impacts your health. Dr. Sonal Jain Diet and Nutrition Counselling In Mumbai will help you follow the preventive measures for nutrition-related health conditions which are required for weight management. When you schedule your consultation with our homeopathy doctor, she will tailor your treatment plan as per your need and as per the diagnosis.

An early approach is the right prevention

Prevention at all levels:

  • Primary (preventing disease)
  • Secondary (early diagnosis)
  • Tertiary (preventing or slowing deterioration)

At all the stages, patients need guidance and support from the dietician for effective care and the right kind of meal planning they have to follow. Excess of anything or intake of anything in less can trigger nutrient deficiency or nutrient toxicity.

Will my diet plan be the same as others?

When you get dietary counseling, the nutrients will give you an individual diet plan. So, understand that no 2 patients will get the same diet plan even if the condition is the same. For every case, the diet pattern will vary. Here are some of the things which the doctor will assess during dietary counseling:

  • Dietary assessment (Dietary analyses)
  • Medical history is done to check the nutrition-related problems
  • Psychological evaluation includes food-related behaviors and attitudes
  • Your knowledge about the nutrition
  • Analyzing your approach to change the diet or learn something new

To plan for the right kind of dietary counseling, different things have to be kept in mind, and only after that, the person can reach the specific goal.

What is the goal of dietary counseling?

  • Every individual will get knowledge about the adequate amount of calories they need as per their weight. In addition, meeting the daily metabolic requirement for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding. Only the health professional can determine what to do to achieve the long-term results.
  • Making sure the diet contains the right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fat, and protein.
  • On-time you get to know about the preventive measures, what happens when you delay the food intake and treat the problem on time.
  • It’s about your overall well-being and improving the same through the right amount of nutrition.

Which methods are considered beneficial for dietary modifications?

At present, there are 2 methods that have proven successful for assisting individuals to change their diet plan:

  • Giving positive feedback
  • It’s like rewarding the patient for the hard work they have put in. Specifically, the patients who are following dietary advice without any delay.

  • Transtheoretical (Stages of Change) Model
  • The stages of change model are one of the best which ultimately focuses on health and it is divided into different stages. It focuses on checking the person’s keenness to accept change and determining the different stages of transition. This model has shown a promising success rate when it’s about dietary changes.

Basic guidelines for good diet and nutrition

  • Include different types of food in your daily diet
  • Add salt in moderation
  • Intake of sugar should be minimum
  • Eat whole-grain, fruits, and vegetables
  • Stay physically active every day
  • Keep your diet low with saturated fat
  • Keep on check on your body weight
  • Drink alcohol in moderation