Asthma & Respiratory Diseases Treatment

Asthma & Respiratory Diseases Treatment in Mumbai Maharashtra

Homeopathic Asthma Respiratory Diseases treatment in Mumbai Maharashtra, The respiratory disease prevalence rate is increasing all over the globe. The problem with the respiratory system occurs when the airways are not able to manage the environmental impact. With this, viruses, bacteria, pollutants, irritants, allergens, and potential allergens enter the body.

What are respiratory diseases?

Our respiratory system is the first thing through which the illness gets the path to enter the body. Fortunately, most respiratory problems resolve on their own but certain disorders need medical intervention like asthma as it makes it difficult for you to breathe normally. Do you want to get a superlative healthcare experience? Dr. Sonal Jain Homeopathic treatment for respiratory diseases will make your respiratory health better than ever.

Common Respiratory diseases diseases


Asthma might seem just one word and you think that you have it. But there is a multitude of conditions behind it. The primary reason for asthma is small airways being blocked. There can be several physiological phenomena like physiological, infective, allergic, or psycho-neuro­endocrine. It means that when your lung starts showing unwanted symptoms then there can be different causes behind it.
Genetic factors might be the reason for asthma and it is mostly diagnosed in children when the mother took paracetamol in excess in the last trimester.

Homeopathic treatment for asthma

Homeopathic doctors suggest proper monitoring of the patient’s condition. Continuous evaluation of the patient’s condition will help to check whether the symptoms are linked to allergy, systemic, or infective. The doctor will ask you to get blood tests and skin-prick allergy tests to establish the right reason behind this condition. To determine the exact type of asthma and curate the best treatment plan, all these factors are taken into consideration:

  • Inhalants
  • Drugs
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Cold
  • Humidity
  • Sleep or waking cycle
  • Heat

Studies have shown that homeopathic treatment is considered highly effective for asthmatic patients. For the right preventive measures and to reduce the risk of a fatal attack consult the doctor.


Chronic bronchitis is another respiratory disorder that makes the airways inflamed. The condition is determined by ‘Acute or Chronic pattern’. Due to excess smoking and getting exposed to harmful environmental irritants, the problem is likely to get worse with time. If the causes of the inflammation of the airways are not treated on time then the patient is suspected to get more infection. The condition has to be taken seriously because it even develops a low-grade relapsing fever. In case, the inflammation is there for a long time then it can turn out to be a serious condition like cardio-respiratory.

Homeopathic treatment for bronchitis

With homeopathic medications, the patients are suggested as the best remedy for an acute attack. Well! There is a wide range of remedies but the treatment you will get is based on your condition. If the patient has chronic bronchitis then tobacco intake has to be stopped immediately.

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Integrated approach for a respiratory disorder

The homeopathy approach is focused upon treating the patients even who are dealing with chronic illness. The integrated approach is getting huge attention as it includes a pragmatic approach and therapeutic approach to treat the patient’s condition effectively. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sonal Jain and get the best treatment plan to make your health better.