Reiki Healing Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Reiki Healing Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Reiki healing is a kind of energy healing practice that treats the body in different ways. Its roots are attached to Japanese and Chinese medicine. Through reiki healing the body gets relaxed, stress is reduced, anxiety level gets down, and gives your mind that mental peace. Reiki healing is the way of treating the body through gentle touch.

What is reiki healing?

During the reiki session at the homeopathy clinic, our best homeopathy specialist will place a hand over your different parts of the body. It makes your body relaxed and gives you peace of mind. Earlier, it was given as a complementary therapy. Even for cancer patients visit our homeopathy doctor as it is highly safe.

What happens during a reiki session?

On the initial appointment, you will have a short discussion with our reiki practitioner. The practitioner will talk you through the process and also know what you are expecting. If you are experiencing any symptoms then make sure to tell me about the same or if you want a specific part of your body to be focused upon. In total the reiki session takes around 20 to 90 minutes. Here’s the basic lay down on what will happen in the session:

  • The Reiki practitioner will ask you to lay down on the table or mat and you will take a blanket. Lift music is played in the background to relax your body and mind.
  • You will feel that you are letting yourself free and talk about anything with the practitioner. They will move their hands lightly over the body or light touch might be expected.
  • In this process, you will feel a rush of tingling or heat sensation. Studies have shown that many people have been benefited to get the visualization of memories

How do I need to prepare for the appointment?

Loose-fitting, clean, and comfortable clothing is right for the reiki session. Make sure that you do not wear any kind of shoes, jewelry, or any other jewelry item.

What to expect after the reiki session?

You will have that feeling of peace, calm, and energized. Make sure that you drink a lot of water after the session. It might be possible you feel tired.