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Successful Homeopathic Allergy Treatment: Happy Patient Story

Just 9 months needed to address the severe allergy with homeopathy treatment

This blog is the story of a woman who underwent homeopathic treatment for 9 months and her severe allergy was addressed.

Sanya Chugh

Severe allergy got treated with homeopathic treatment

Sanya consulted our Homeopathy doctor in Mumbai after having rashes for around 5 years. Before going down the road of homeopathy she tried every possible option but nothing worked. The problem triggered more when she shifted to Mumbai from Delhi for her job. Initially, she has the symptoms like:

  • Dryness
  • Cough
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation

She tried oils, moisturizers, & creams but nothing gave her relief. It was difficult to understand what the issue was as blood test results were normal.

Initial consultation with the homeopathic doctor for allergy treatment

As she decided to begin the journey of Allergy Treatment in Mumbai with the homeopath practitioner, she scheduled her initial consultation. The doctor asked her everything so that a better treatment plan can be made. The doctor included questions like:

  • Are you having a sound sleep?
  • What sort of food do you like?
  • What is your job?

Knowing every minute detail helps in giving the treatment the right way and it has that customized feeling to it. Dr. Sonal Jain discussed every possible thing & based on the same the research-based medication was given.

Journey to improvement

It took around 3.5 months to notice a slight improvement in her condition. Her itching started to settle down a bit which genuinely improved her quality of life. By around the 6th month, her itching settled down to a great extent which never happened in the past as she tried every possible medication out there. Moreover, the medications she used to take in her daily life got completely stopped. It took around 9 months for her to see the improvement in her condition.

She even added, ‘Dr. Sonal Jain is one of the most professional, friendly & experienced doctors I have come across till now. Her approach towards giving the treatment only after knowing every possible factor about the condition makes her different and best from others. Not only did she suggest medication to me but even suggested that I make certain changes in my eating habits. Her approach towards taking care of the patients is one of a kind. Most importantly she made sure all my doubts were cleared throughout my treatment journey.’

Homeopathy is effective for all health issues

It’s true that a homeopathy is an effective approach for all sorts of health issues. Moreover, the treatment focus is on addressing the health concern by determining the possible root cause so that it does get worse with time. Initially, the focus is put on limiting the extent of symptoms & accordingly giving the treatment which works best in all ways.

Are you having trouble with your well-being?

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sonal Jain & Make sure that you ask all the concerns which cross your mind so that you can make an informed decision.