Respiratory Disorder

What are Respiratory diseases? Causes and treatment options

Nowadays, the air is polluted by mills, buildings, vehicles, etc. Traveling and breathing polluted air creates a risk of many diseases such as lung disease, chest pain, cardiac disease, shortening of breathing, cancer, infection, inflammation, etc. 

Respiratory disease

Many illnesses affect your lung function, creating more illnesses such as asthma, lung cancer, and other disorders. The disease also affects your respiratory system. Some respiratory disease symptoms include coughing blood, chest pain, breathing problems, etc. Respiratory disease occurs when we breathe polluted air.

The respiration system includes the nose, ear, windpipe, bronchi, and lung organs. Vaporific taking a breath and exhaling carbon dioxide helps to harm air out of the body. Respiratory systems help supply the required oxygen to the body’s cells. It helps to remove all infectious chemicals and body waste. 

When a person suffers from shortness of breath and continuous cough, this is a symptom of respiratory disease. If you do not notice, these symptoms can worsen and you may suffer major illnesses. 

Cause of Respiratory Disease 

Environmental factor

When air is polluted, tobacco, smoking, industrial chemicals, and other factors increase lung disease risk.


If you travel in dust, you suffer many allergies and infections, increasing the risk of asthma.


The main causes of infection in respiratory systems, like viruses, bacteria, and fungi, create a disease such as bronchitis and influenza. 

Weak immune system

If you suffer from lung disease, this condition affects your immune system. Lung Illness involves an immune system by fault attack to lung tissue. 

Life style

If you are addicted to smoking, you increase the risk of lung cancer.


respiratory disease is having more chances through genetics. 

Homeopathy for respiratory disease treatment

Homeopathy medicine is a natural medication treatment. Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai provide treatment that has no side effects on your body. This medicine gives energy to fight the disease. Treatment is the safest and most effective treatment. 

  • Homeopathy uses herbal medication. They do not use any drugs or supplements.
  • In homeopathy, they find the root causes of disease after giving treatment to cure a disease. 
  • Homeopathy medicine effectively works on disease. Reduce the symptoms. 
  • Babies, pregnant women, and people of all ages take homeopathy medicine. This treatment is the safest medicine for everyone. Taking medication does not have any side effects.
  • Taking homeopathy treatment helps reduce the symptoms and effectively works in illnesses to improve quality of life.
  • Homeopathy helps to stop the illness and provides the best treatment through therapies. 

Homeopathy treatment helps to reduce the risk of other illnesses through homeopathy remedies. If you have asthma, then homeopathic remedies help to reduce the illness. Because homeopathic doctors find the causes of the root and treat them accordingly, it helps to relieve the pain. Homeopathy provides various therapies to cure illnesses. 

Taking homeopathy treatment helps cure illnesses faster and get a better quality of life. That treatment has no side effects on your body. If you want homeopathy treatment for respiratory disease, visit the Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai