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Vitiligo: What It Is, Its Symptoms, Causes, And Homeopathic Treatment?

Vitiligo is a skin condition wherein the skin does not produce the right amount of melanin. It is basically an autoimmune skin disease where your skin and hair color becomes white. It starts from the area of your finger or your lip, which gradually develops into white patches all over your skin. No matter what your genetic features or skin color is, you can develop vitiligo. You will notice the white patches more if you are a dark-skinned person.

Symptoms Of Vitiligo

Now let us move ahead with the symptoms of vitiligo to understand the condition in the early stage to find the homeopathy treatment for vitiligo From the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai.

  • Premature graying: The number one sign of vitiligo is the premature graying of hairs in the eyelash, eyebrows, scalp hair, and beard.
  • White patches: Another way to discover the cognition is through white patches on the skin. In the early stage, it will occur on a smaller scale, but it will grow more with time.
  • Depigmentation: In the beginning, it will occur in your sun-exposed area, which includes your feet, hand, lips, face, and arms. After some time, you can also notice this depigmentation in your genitalia area.
  • Loss of color: You might experience some sort of color loss in the inner layer of your eyes or inside your mouth.
  • Irritation: In some cases, you will also notice itching and pain in your body part as a sign of vitiligo. This is usually experienced in those affected areas which have developed vitiligo.

If you are facing any of the symptoms of vitiligo, we highly recommend you to visit us and consult our homeopathic doctor for the right and personalized treatment.

Causes Of Vitiligo

Now let us talk about the causes of vitiligo. It is necessary to know the real reason for the cognition in order to find the proper treatment for it. Given below are some of the common causes of vitiligo:

  • Immunity disorder: Vitiligo is known for occurring from a disorder in your immune system. The reaction of the immune system causes immunity disorder which goes against the tissues and ultimately leads to the development of the white patches.
  • Genetics: Another reason to have vitiligo is genetics or family history. If there is a relative or family member in your family who has a similar condition, then you might have the chance to have one too.
  • Single event: There are also cases of vitiligo, wherein the patient gets it due to unavoidable circumstances such as sunburn or emotional distress.
  • Melanoma: In this condition, your pigmentation-forming cells turn out to be cancerous. Vitiligo can also happen due to melanoma.
  • Autoimmune condition: Conditions such as alopecia areata come under this category. Apart from that, Pernicious anemia and Hyperthyroidism are also the leading causes of vitiligo in a patient.

Homeopathy is the right treatment to cure your skin condition called vitiligo with effectiveness. It is made out of pure ingredients such as plants and minerals, ensuring a risk-free treatment with personalized medication. It is also a holistic approach that believes in removing the symptoms from their root with symptoms (like cures like).