Skin Treatment

Few Effective Home Remedies To Get Relief From Skin Reaction

Having good skin outside starts from treating it well from the inside.

And how can you do that?

Well, you need to consume good healthy food in your diet to make your skin glowy and shiny every day.

Who does not like to have skin that looks not only good but also feels extraordinary?

We have seen people try out different types of chemicals on their faces as a part of their “Skin Care Routine.” Let me tell you; it is doing more harm than not.

This is why we suggest homeopathic skin treatment in Mumbai, as it contains natural substances in it and does not cause any side-effect on your skin,

Fun Facts About Skin

Did you know your skin is the body’s largest organ?

Its primary function is to act as a shield between your body and the thousands of foreign substances that are present in the environment. Apart from that, it also acts as the body’s third kidney, as it helps in excreting the toxins from the body.

Hence, it is natural that your skin is subjected to toxic overload both from the inside and outside.

Reasons For Skin Reactions

It is very natural to notice a bump in the skin, or blisters, cracking, rash, dryness, itching, scaling, redness, and other skin problems. You can treat your skin reaction at a reputable Homeopathic Clinic in Maharashtra for a better outcome.

There are various reasons for your skin to react in such ways, including:

  1. Allergy to food
  2. Cosmetic
  3. Reaction to sun
  4. Insect bites
  5. Reaction to drugs
  6. Jewelry
  7. Detergents
  8. Stress
  9. Fragrance
  10. Ill-fitting clothes and many more.

Home Remedies For Skin Reaction

  • Mint leaves

Mint has an antibacterial component that is perfect for treating your skin allergies. Besides that, the antioxidant in the mint leaves helps you get a natural glow. The best possible way to use mint leaves for skin allergy is to crush them till it becomes a paste. Apply it to your allergy and leave it for approximately 30 minutes. 

  • Ice cubes

You will be able to get quick relief from the inflammation and irritation that skin allergies cause. In fact, using a wet cloth is effective in healing your skin allergies. Place a wet cloth or ice pack on the affected area and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure until and unless you get relief.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil is indeed one of the most amazing home remedies for skin allergies.


Because it helps soothe skin rashes effectively, you can use extra virgin olive oil to moisturize your skin. And let me tell you, it works just as great as any high-end moisturizer. You can also add some honey to the extra virgin olive oil and apply it to the skin allergy to get rid of it. Apply it a few times per day and see the healthy changes. If you want to eliminate the itchiness from the skin allergy, you can add some turmeric to it.

Final Comments

Book your appointment now with Dr. Sonal Jain and treat your skin allergy with homeopathy.