Why does a homeopathic practitioner check the patient’s detailed medical records?

Homeopathic treatment

Have you scheduled your initial consultation with a homeopathic practitioner? GOOD! You have taken the first step to getting yourself the best possible care.

But, do you know that initial consultation with the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai can take around 45 minutes to 1 hour? Do you think that’s a long time?

Indeed! That is. But, that’s the first step to promoting overall well-being. Only when the homeopathic doctor has evaluated your entire case thoroughly and knows the exact issue is the treatment plan made to promote wellness in all ways.

Reasons to get detailed medical case history in homeopathy

Reason 1: Get familiar with the patient’s personality type

During your initial consultation at the Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai, the doctor will give you the medication or necessary remedy by having a detailed understanding of your personality type. It’s an essential part to know because of the materia medica. Bear in mind that even if two individuals have the same problem, they are not given the same kind of treatment plan. For every individual, the treatment approach varies a lot. So, as every person’s personality is different from one another, therefore it’s all-important to check the personality type, which includes mental and physical health, before giving treatment.

Reason 2: Shed light on the reason for disease

Homeopathy treatment is based on addressing the problem through the root cause. This is one of the reasons that makes homeopathy treatment different from the traditional approach, as the focus is out upon addressing the problem through the root cause. So, it ensures the patient gets ultimate relief in all ways.

For example: If you have an allergy, then the homeopathic expert does not directly focus on giving the treatment. Instead, the symptoms are understood, and then the treatment plan is personalized for the patients.

Reason 3: Opt from the number of medications

While homeopathy medication is given for every possible condition, the approach used is different. For example: If someone has a fever, then for every type, the treatment is given differently. As mentioned above, no two people are the same, so the treatment plan is individualized, keeping that in mind. So, always expect that the homeopathy doctor gives you the difference in the most accurate manner.

Reason 4: To get clarity over mental and emotional health

Every person’s emotional and mental health is different. Homeopathy believes that both these approaches are imperative to understand while giving treatment to the patients. This is the way to make your overall health right in all possible ways.

Final word!

There is a number of evidence-based research that shows that homeopathy is the most suitable way to address a patient’s health. Most importantly, the factor of safety, effectiveness, and not leaving any harmful side effects makes it suitable for every person of all age groups.