Stories Of Patients Who Treated Their Condition With Homeopathy

A homeopathy is a holistic approach that has been here in the medical field for quite a long period of time. People have been accepting this procedure because of its no side effects and effective functionality. But there might be many who would not believe in the work of homeopathic medicines. Visit a Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai and learn about the kind of treatment it provides for different conditions.

Till then, you can read our patients’ testimonials and how homeopathy has helped them overcome their medical issues.

Skin Allergies and their effects on Sameer’s life

Having sensitive skin is an issue that many people suffer from. It makes using different products, eating our favorite food items and overall exposure to new environment changes difficult. Such was the life of Sameer; he was very much fed up with the spots and the marks on his face triggered by any minor incident. It broke his sheer confidence as the acne on his face was much more prominent, and that overlayed his other vital factors. Trying out conventional methods for that issue did come to his mind, and so he went to the doctor for a skin check-up. Also, the medication prescribed to him did not work rather, it made his condition worse. And there was no doubt it would have made the situation worse; remember, his whole issue was sensitive skin.

That is when he was left with the alternative option. Which, let me tell you, has become his number 1 priority. Obviously, he was skeptical about the whole procedure; it is not easy to move to something you have never tried before.

“Homeopathy comes to me like a blessing,” said Sameer when asked about his experience. It did take him time to overcome the issue and maintain better skin, but it was so worth the wait. The treatment that was specially personalized by the Homeopathic Doctor in Punjab helped him as a wonder. A long course of 6 months with a lot of patience and discipline helped him. Now he has bright skin that shines like his future.

PCOS Has No Treatment?

You might have heard about reversing PCOS but might not have seen a proper example of that while using conventional medication. And it is hard to do so even, as it all is a game of hormones that differentiate from the body to body. This is why Pooja had chosen homeopathy as its solution from the very beginning. Reversing PCOS is easy under the guidance of homeopaths as its main ideology is to cure the symptoms of the roots. Pooja came to us with high hopes and wished to regulate her periods and maintain her overall weight. Disappointing her was never an option; with great therapy and treatment, she reduced excess weight, regulated her periods, and maintained an overall healthy life. Other symptoms that came along with PCOS were also eliminated over the course of time.