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Is Homeopathy Suitable For Hair Regrowth Or Not?

Hair loss is one of the common hair problems faced by people around the globe. It has even made us not comb our hair out of fear of losing some hair strands. And the occurrence of dandruff aggravates the increase in hair fall and damage. These reasons have led many people to try out new techniques and methods of hair care.

Nowadays, people have even turned to homeopathy to find a cure for hair damage. You can see people flocking to the best Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai to find a cure. But that brings up a big question, has homeopathy come up with a prescription for hair fall and damage?
Homeopathy, a cure used for ages, has been proven to have found treatment for almost all the diseases of the world. Fortunately, homeopathy has also found something for your hair care. But you should keep in mind that homeopathy works differently for different people. You must consult the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai. Their expertise and knowledge in this field will help you in planning your hair care routine.
Homeopathy has various medicines for hair loss depending upon the cause of its problem. The best homeopathy doctor will assess your hair damage conditions in detail and find out its root cause. Then you will be prescribed a suitable prescription after their detailed assessment. These prescriptions are divided into two parts based on the grounds of hair fall.


Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that mistakes your hair as a foreign object and attacks it, leading to hair fall. Hence here are the medicines for people suffering from this disease:

1. Fluoricum acidum: made out of hydrofluoric acid, this medicine is considered wonderful for hair loss, especially alopecia.

2. Calcarea Carbonica: also known as Calcarea carb, this medicine is prescribed for patients with hair loss, prematurely gray hair, brittle hair, and drying hair.

3. Vinca Minor: This medicine is prescribed for people battling alopecia and prematurely graying hair.


Baldness is quite common in men. Although it is unheard of in women, they still end up losing a significant amount of hair in their 50s. There are some homeopathic medicines to combat baldness:

1.Silicea: It undergoes rigorous shaking (potentization) to cure baldness. Apart from that, Silicea is also used to combat eczema.

2.Baryta Carbonica: This medicine is used for patients having premature baldness, hair loss, premature graying, and dryness.

3. Lycopodium Cavatum: prepared from potentized club moss, this medicine tackles premature graying and baldness.

4.Psorinum: This medicine is used to combat dandruff. It reduces both dandruff and hair fall at the same time.

5. Mezereum: Made out of common salt through potentization, this medicine is used for post-childbirth hair fall amongst women.

6. Pulsatilla Pratensis: This medicine is also used by women post-childbirth. It is also used by women having trouble digesting fatty food and people having difficulty breathing.

Hence, these are the medicines you can use to deal with hair fall and hair loss. But you should consult the best doctor before using these medicines to ensure you take the proper medication.