Male Infertility

Let’s unfold some of the important facts about male infertility

Guide on Male Infertility

Becoming parents brings such immense pleasure in the couple’s life. But, most individuals still think that the problem is just the father’s concern. Although, it’s essential to know that infertility affects the state of both men and women. Moreover, the research has shown that the incidence rate of male infertility is on the rise. One of the most problematic conditions is the stressful lifestyle that worsens the situation. If you have been dealing with this condition, visit the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to seek necessary solutions.

What are the signs and symptoms of male infertility?

The reason to begin the Male Infertility Treatment In Mumbai often comes to light when the couple cannot conceive. However, several symptoms are noticed that might trigger a problem for male fertility:

  • Medical and urological history
  • Timing of puberty
  • Childhood urologic disorders/ Surgical treatment
  • Sexual history
  • Chronic or acute medical problem
  • Testicular cancer and treatment
  • Intake of certain medications
  • Spinal cord injury

With all these states, the problem of male infertility is more serious. So, make sure to consult the medical expert at the earliest. If you are trying to conceive but have problems doing so, schedule your initial consultation at Homeopathic Clinic in Maharashtra to seek the necessary solution.

What are the causes of male infertility?

One of the significant reasons is Azoospermia (The absence of healthy and quality sperm). Around 15% to 20% of the male has this problem that makes it difficult for the semen to produce quality sperm for the pregnancy. And with time, there’s difficulty in conceiving.

The fertilization process is crucial, and for that, the sperm and egg need to meet each other. But, if the sperm is not viable to move correctly, there’s an extreme difficulty level. If the sperm cannot move correctly or have the right shape, it’d be difficult for the couple to conceive independently. Here are some of the most common infections that affect male fertility:

  • Prostatitis
  • TB
  • Chronic infection
  • Mumps
  • Smallpox
  • Leprosy

Other common causes of male infertility are vein enlargement that wraps the testicles, varicocele problems, and sperm development issues.

Lifestyle factors can affect male infertility

With age, the fertility level declines. And sometimes lifestyle habits play a significant role like lack of regular exercise, work stress, exposure to environmental pollutants, nutrition, delayed marriage, poor nutrition, smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumption, being overweight, and health issues.

Get daily male infertility check-ups

The crucial part is to get daily infertility check-ups to check the fertility of both men and women. The doctor will check the male partner’s semen analysis and perform a detailed medical history to check the problem. Accordingly, the homeopathic doctor will give the necessary treatment plan to make a difference to your fertility health.