Hair Loss

How To Diagnose And Treat Hair Loss with Homeopathy?

Who treats hair-related issues, and what is that person called? 

Issues caused on skin, nails, and hair like rashes, wrinkles, Androgenic Alopecia, psoriasis, or melanoma to treat these problems A qualified and certified person is needed who can diagnose and treat the issues is known as a dermatologist and skin specialist.

To start diagnosing the causes of hair loss, dermatologists begin by asking questions about your situation, from how long you’ve been having hair loss symptoms. They start with gathering information. 

Then they closely look at your scalp and gently pull out a hair which determines how weak your hair is and how easily it breaks out. After all this, dermatologists sometimes suggest tests performed related to the scalp, blood test or scalp biopsy to know more deeply about the condition to start treatment. 

Is it possible to get hair to regrow? 

Sometimes your hair regrows naturally as well if you recently Had a baby, Recovered from a significant illness or had surgery and Underwent cancer treatment, or Developed a mild case of a disease called alopecia areata, which causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles or naturally Got rid of psoriasis on your scalp then there are changes that your hairs might have a little hair growth. 

How lifestyle impacts your hair loss?  

Some hairstyles that pull can lead to hair loss, and other hair care products can lead to hair loss habits like not drying up the hair after a hair wash can lead to extreme hair loss if stopped or corrected immediately. 

Which treatments are recommended by dermatologists? 

If your hair does not regrow naturally and the dermatologist also tells you to have some treatment to start the hair growth, then they might suggest you some of these treatments: 

Treatment for hair regrowth  

Minoxidil is one of the most common medicines a dermatologist can suggest to an individual facing early hair loss. It helps in Stimulating hair growth and Prevents further hair loss. Minoxidil must be more effective when used along with some other treatment for hair loss as it is a result-oriented product. Use it according to the precipitation of your dermatologist. 

Medical procedure to rejuvenate hair growth? 

  • Injections were given to the area of the scalp affected by alopecia areata. These injections have corticosteroids which help hair to regrow within 12 weeks. And individuals who have these injections have seen results in their hair regrowth. 
  • In the condition of extreme hair loss, a hair transplant is a solution for baldness in women and men as it is an easy and permanent solution for hair loss.  
  • If medications are not working, then you can consider low-level laser therapy, as it corrects the condition of Hereditary hair loss, Alopecia areata, and Hair loss due to chemotherapy and Also helps in Stimulating and healing scalp and hair growth after a hair transplant. 
  • Injecting plasma into the areas affected by baldness can help in rejuvenating the follicles, which helps in hair regrow after Follicular unit extraction (FUE) helps to grow the hair faster and more effectively.

How do vitamins, minerals, and other supplements promote hair growth? 

Insufficient diet also promotes hair loss. Biotin, iron, or zinc are essential vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. To meet the need for sufficient minerals, dermatologists suggest protein-rich supplements. Also, recommend taking a multivitamin if supplements are not available. 

During the life span, due to many hormonal changes, we sometimes have to go through the condition of hair loss. Some select to consult a dermatologist, and others choose the way of hair transplant. A hair transplant is one of the famous treatments individuals generally opt to deal with extreme hair loss. 

A hair transplant is an easy way to get hair to regrow, but with all these factors, the essential element, hair transplant cost , is part of the discussion. After hearing about the hair transplant cost, many people drop their plans for hair transplant surgery. So they prefer going to a dermatologist to get hair to regrow naturally with the help of medications and advice.