joint pain

Homoeopathic Therapies, Treatments and Medicines which can Give you Relief from Joint Pain

This unbearable pain happens for several reasons, such as fractures, all kinds of arthritis, autoimmune diseases like lupus, sprains, etc. Overexertion and Overuse of bones also cause a lot of strain, which contributes to joint pain. Many people visit the best Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai to get medications for joints. These medicines are known to bring some relief to the joints.

Sometimes, conventional treatments don’t work on joints. Due to this, many people run to the best Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai to get themselves treated. They trust homeopathy in terms of long-term relief.

There are some of the best homeopathic treatments, medicines, and remedies which can bring some relief to you. These treatments help to treat the root cause along with lowering the pain and swelling due to this condition. 

These treatments are made suitable according to each patient, who is given medicines based on the severity of their condition. 

Symptoms of Joint Pain

  • Swelling
  • Stiffened or enlarged joints
  • Numbness
  • Sound of clicking, snapping, or grinding during the movement of joints
  • Experiencing pain while moving
  • Loss of motion
  • red, hot, and swollen joint(which can be evaluated by doctors)

Homeopathic Medications to Heal Joint Pain

  • Arnica Montana(Leopard’s Bane): This medicine is prescribed for patients complaining of soreness and bruised feeling in their bodies. It heals symptoms such as sprains, pain in chest cartilage and bones, a feeling of joint dislocation, rheumatism, etc. 
  • Rhus Toxicodendron(Poison-Ivy): This medicine provides relief from joint stiffness. Apart from that, it also relieves people from swelling in bones, loss of strength in forearms and fingers, a feeling of paralysis in arms and legs, tearing pain in ligaments, etc.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica(lime phosphate): This medicine helps in getting relief from rheumatic pain and dullness in the head, lower back soreness, unhealed fractures, etc. It also lowers the exhaustion experienced while climbing stairs.

Lifestyle Changes to be done according to Homeopathy

  • Do not consume spices, herbal tea, and odorous water in case of chronic joint pain.
  • Limit the consumption of sugary and spicy foods.
  • Do not eat any food with medical herbs in its ingredients.
  • Limit your food and liquid intake and adjust the room temperature as per your comfort.
  • Wear linen clothing during warm weather if you have chronic joint pain.
  • Keep your surroundings hygienic and have an active lifestyle.

Effectiveness of these medicines and treatments over joint pain

Studies done in 2014 prove that homeopathic medicines given to 10 patients according to their needs lowered their joint pain effectively. 

These medicines can provide relief in both early and later stages, although there are better results in the early stage. 

Homeopathic medicines are also known to have no side effects on patients. These medicines are made of natural substances which are kept diluted, thus ensuring no side effects on the patients. But, one should take these medicines as per the doctor’s prescription.

If you are experiencing joint pain and want to get relief from it, visit us to get the best and unique treatments for your joints.