Diet and Nutrition

Everything you need to know about the relation between diet and hair loss

Hair loss is one of the common concerns in men and women. Every other individual experiences hair loss, and to better point out why it is happening, there is a need to check medical history, physical examination, and dietary history. Determining all the possible risk factors will allow the issue to come to light and what further should be done. Studies have shown that nutritional deficiencies are one of the reasons hair loss can begin to get severe. Considering the situation, all the nutritional deficiencies must be effectively addressed by getting the best treatment plan from one of the top-rated Diet and Nutrition Counseling Specialist In Mumbai

Why can nutritional deficiencies trigger hair loss?

Intake of nutritional supplements is one of the contributory factors in hair growth & it will even prevent future hair loss. It’s possible that metabolic level in the body can begin to impact hair growth as the calories and protein level is not enough in the body. Due to nutritional deficiency, the chances are higher hair structure & hair growth are affected. Several studies have pointed out the fact that nutritional deficiency can be the possible reason the following issues are triggered like:

  • Female pattern hair loss
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Chronic Telogen Effluvium

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Is there any food that makes hair loss worse?

Its authentic food can result in a negative effect on hair health & growth, which includes:

  • Simple carbohydrates

Excess intake of simple carbohydrates can trigger hair loss. It can lead to increased sebum production, which might be the reason for inflammation & hair health. This is why avoid excess intake of cakes, candy, & cookies. 

  • Fish with high mercury content

When mercury levels are high in the body, hair loss can become severe. The fish intake must be in the right amount so that the nutritional content is enough in the body. 

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A balanced diet reduced the chance of hair loss

Your diet should include enough protein (Eggs, poultry, yogurt, cottage cheese, seeds & nuts, & fish), healthy fat (Flaxseeds, walnuts, olive oil, and fatty fish), folate (Beets & peas), Vitamin C (Leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and strawberries). 

, to seek the right treatment plan for managing the nutrition level and hair loss.