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Dr Sonal Homeopathy Clinic Success Story: Shlok Punamiya’s Journey To Wellness

Homoeopathy uses a holistic approach to treat different conditions. It focuses on healing the body from within, which in turn helps in getting rid of the issue altogether. Dr Sonal Homeopathy Clinic has helped many patients get rid of their problems with the help of homoeopathy treatments. Among our huge list of happy clients, one is Shlok Punamiya, who came to Dr Sonal for acne treatment. 


Shlok Punamiya has severe acne and was looking for a safe treatment. He came to Dr Sonal 3 months back and took the homoeopathy treatment for his acne. In this video, he explains his experience with Dr Sonal. He came to know about homoeopathy and how it works. With Dr Sonal’s homoeopathy treatment for acne, he saw a noticeable difference. 

Shlok learnt how homoeopathy works, focusing on healing the problem from within and strengthening the body to fight the problems. He also emphasised that homoeopathy was the best treatment as it is natural and safe to use. His experience with Dr Sonal was amazing, and he recommends it to others. 

So, if you have acne or any other issue and seek natural and safe treatment, opt for homoeopathy treatments and book your consultation with Dr Sonal Homeopathy Clinic.