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Autism: Its Symptoms and Treatments Available in Homoeopathy

Different organs are naturally developed when the foetus is in the mother’s womb. Regular checkups and doctors help identify the problem and resolve it by providing appropriate treatments. You can also consult a homoeopathy doctor in Mumbai for reliable therapies. Most of the time, this process happens smoothly. However, sometimes, due to certain factors, there can be a problem in the development of certain organs; the brain is one such example. 

When there is a small or big problem in the development of the brain during the formation and development of the body in the womb, it can cause damage (sometimes severe) to the body. These minute changes can cause complex disorders or neurological disorders such as autism. It not only affects children; Autism in adults is also common. You can rely on homoeopathic medicines for their treatment as they are generally safe and hardly have any side effects. 

What is Autism?

Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. It is a neurological disorder that happens during the development of the brain. It can be detected at any age, but it usually appears in the first two years after birth, and hence, it is called a developmental disorder. You can get effective treatments for autism from the best homoeopathy clinic in Mumbai

For those who are curious about homoeopathy and whether it can help treat autism, we assure you that it does. As per a study conducted to check if homoeopathy could treat Autism, it was found that homoeopathy not only treated Autism effectively but also supported other therapies used for the treatment of ASD. Hence, you can trust this alternative and safer medical approach for the treatment of Autism or ASD. 

Symptoms of Autism 

Different reasons, such as genetic and environmental factors, can cause autism. Its symptoms become evident between the age of 12 and 24 months, although they can also appear earlier or later in life. You can consult a homoeopathy doctor in Mumbai to get effective treatments for autism. Its symptoms include:

  • Not maintaining eye contact.
  • Not displaying facial expressions.
  • Not responding to their names.
  • Not engaging socially or in interactive games.
  • Not sharing their favourite toys or interests with others. 
  • Repetitive moments include running back and forth, flapping their arms, or spinning.
  • Repeating words they hear from someone again and again. 
  • Minor changes make them upset.
  • Having exceptional abilities such as memory capabilities, music or other talent.

Other Symptoms Include:

  • Seizures
  • Unusual sleep patterns
  • Stressing or worrying excessively
  • Delayed cognitive skills
  • Uncertain and sudden emotional reactions 
  • Impulsive behaviours
  • Hyperactive 
  • Unusual eating habits 
  • Inattentive 

Homeopathy Treatments for Autism

As homoeopathy helps treat the root cause, it provides several treatments to enhance the functioning of the immune system. It also offers effective treatment for autism. Its medicines are reliable and safe as they do not cause side effects. Some homoeopathic medicines to treat AutismAutism are as follows:

  • Cuprum Metallicum – Sometimes, the children strongly dislike being touched, may exhibit malicious behaviours or do not like being approached. In such cases, the best homoeopathy doctor in Mumbai recommends cuprum metallicum. This medicine is also beneficial, especially if your child is aggressive toward you or is angry, obsessive, tense or inflexible. 
  • Carcinosin – This medicine is effective and suitable for children who are stubborn, compulsive, and have addictive disorders but are talented. Also, they may have issues associated with sleep.
  • Helleborus – If children with autism are depressed or underactive and are slow, then Helleborus is a great medicine for such children. It is also effective in treating children with weak muscles or muscular weakness. You must visit the best homoeopathy clinic in Mumbai to get treatment based on your specific conditions.
  • Agaricus – Symptoms such as muttering, singing, shouting or talking can be treated with Agaricus. It is also helpful for children who are socially, physically or mentally awkward. 
  • Androctonus – Children who are impulsive, suspicious, and act or change their moods abruptly from stable to destructive mood can quickly be treated using androctonus medicine. Using this medicine, you can calm a child from an impulsive, abrupt, violent, or aggressive mood.


Autism can prevent a child’s ability to interact with others and engage in repetitive behaviours. Although there is no cure for this condition, a good homoeopathy doctor in Mumbai can help treat the condition. As this alternative medical approach is safe and hardly has side effects, it is preferred by many people. Hence, if you are looking for an effective homoeopathic treatment for autism, visit the best homoeopathy clinic in Mumbai at Dr Sonal’s Clinic.