Respiratory Disorder

Everything you need to know about Asthma Homeopathy Treatment

Are you having problems breathing?

It might be a sign you have Asthma. If so, advanced homeopathy care at one of the renowned Homeopathic Clinic in Mumbai will help you get one step closer to getting the best of care for yourself.

Asthma Treatment

Asthma is one of the common respiratory diseases where the individual experiences breathing. Not just breathing, there are problems like coughing and wheezing. That’s not all. It does hamper your physical health, and your zeal to live a healthy life is affected differently. Patients struggling with this condition have to consult one of the experienced Homeopathic Doctors in Mumbai who knows all about the right approach to getting things done.

What are the types of Asthma?

The type of Asthma is categorized by checking the reason behind the situation. Asthma is categorized into two different styles, and it’s mentioned below:

  • Extrinsic Asthma (Allergic Asthma)

Allergy, Extrinsic Asthma is triggered when the body gets exposed to allergens like pet dander, food, dust, and pollen. In this case, seasonal variation can even start problems.

  • Intrinsic Asthma (Non-allergic Asthma)

The attack does not occur as specific variants are present in the air. The body will have an exaggerated response to a particular type. The triggering factors are cigarette smoke, cold air, viral disease, cleaning products, and air pollution in most cases.

What are the symptoms of Asthma?

Asthma symptoms are different from one person to another. It’s possible that in some cases, the results are severe, and sometimes it’s normal. Although some of the most common ones are:

  • Breath shortness
  • Chest pain and constricted feeling
  • Problem sleeping as breathing is not right
  • Whistling sound while breathing
  • Symptoms can come along with cough

What are the causes of Asthma?

Till now, there is no such evident reason behind the same. Multiple factors can likely make the situation worse. If you talk about some of the triggering factors that can occur due to reasons like:

  • Getting in touch with mold, mites, dust, pet dander, and others
  • Smoke and chemical irritants
  • Stress
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Physical exertion

How is homeopathy treatment effective for Asthma patients?

In asthma treatment, the primary factor is to check and avoid the allergens so that the problem does not flare-up. If the pain is not severe, then medications make a lot of difference. But the issue is that allopathic medicine doesn’t address the situation from the root cause, and there are high chances of having multiple severe side effects. So, keeping that aside, the safest, natural, and all-effective treatment plan for Asthma is Homeopathy.

All in all, homeopathy treatment provides the best of everything to the patients. The main aim of the treatment is to address the condition by checking the desired root cause.