Recurrent Urine Infection

How can you treat your recurrent urine infection?

With the help of homeopathic medicine!
But why homeopathy treatment?

The reason for opting for homeopathic treatment for recurrent urine infection is its regulation of balance in the body. Working with the ideology of a holistic approach, it is impossible to rebuke the power of homeopathy with other forms of treatment. If you are suffering from a recurrent urine infection or urinary tract infection, you must seek the help of a homeopathic doctor in Mumbai immediately.

Before delving into the approach of homeopathic treatment, it is necessary to form some basic idea about the problem at hand.

What Is A Recurrent Urine Infection?

Recurrent urine infection is basically an infection that could occur in any part of your urinary system. From the kidney, urethra, bladder, and ureters, all the systems are at risk of being infected. That being said, most of the common parts where the urinary tract occurs are the bladder and the urethra.

More than men, women are more at risk of suffering from recurrent urine infections. Infections which are limited to the bladder can be both painful and annoying. But if it is spread to the kidneys, there are higher chances of severe consequences. In conventional methods, the doctor would only provide you with antibiotics. In contrast, a homeopathic clinic in Mumbai would treat it with a personalized remedy and medication made from pure and harmless ingredients such as minerals, salt, and plants.

What Are The Symptoms Of Recurrent Urine Infection?

The urinary tract infection does not indicate the patient with a particular sign or symptoms in most cases. But in some cases where warnings are visible include:

    • There is a persistent and strong need to urinate at any time.
    • You might experience a burning sensation when you are urinating.
    • Having an urge to pass small amounts of urine frequently
    • Urine that might be cloudy
    • If you notice that there is a sign of blood in the urine and the urine has the appearance of bright pink, red and cola-colored.
    • If you have a strong-smelling urine
    • Pelvic pain, specifically in women, especially around the area of public bone and in the center of the pelvis.

In adults, urinary tract infections are often overlooked or mistaken for some other medical conditions.

What Are The Types Of Recurrent Urine Infection?

Depending on which type of urinary tract infection you are suffering from, the signs and the symptoms would vary. And with that, the treatment of homeopathy would too.

Given below are the type of recurrent urine infections and their specific symptoms.

Part Of Urinary Tract Infection Signs And Symptoms
Kidneys (acute pyelonephritis) ●     High fever

●     Side (flank) or back pain

●     Chills and shaking

●     Vomiting

●     Nausea

Bladder (cystitis) ●     Discomfort in lower abdomen

●     Pelvic pressure

●     Painful and frequent urination

●     Blood in urine

Urethra (urethritis) ●    Discharge

●     Burning in urination

Why Choose Homeopathy For Recurrent Urine Infection?

There are many reasons why you must opt for homeopathy rather than other forms of medication, but one that slides the mind is its ideology of “like cures like”; you wouldn’t hear about such a method of treating any health condition. Wherein the main motive is to eliminate the issues from their roots.